Seasonal Allergic Rhinitis & Oral Health

Seasonal Allergic Rhinitis & Oral Health

With the changing seasons and the arrival of spring comes the dreaded seasonal allergic rhinitis – better known as hay fever. We’re all familiar with the sneezing, runny noses, congestion, and itchy eyes that come with it, but did you know it can affect your teeth, too? Having a blocked nose turns us into “mouth […]

Leading the Way: Inspiring Women in Dentistry

Leading the way: Inspiring women in dentistry

Although they were once kept out of the profession, women have become a hugely influential part of the dental community. This is especially evident in the area of paediatric dentistry, where many women have made their mark.  In fact, it was a woman, Minnie Evangeline Jordon, who pioneered the concept of paediatric dentistry at the […]

Menopause & Teeth: What’s the Link?

Menopause and Teeth

One of the surprising side effects of menopause is its effect on your teeth. But many women aren’t aware of the link, and oftentimes, it’s up to dentists to point out the effects and educate their patients on how to deal with them best. But the hormone-tooth health link isn’t all that mysterious. After all, […]

Understanding Dental Scans and X-Rays

Dental x-rays and scans

When it comes to maintaining good oral health, regular dental check-ups play a crucial role. Alongside a comprehensive examination, we often recommend dental scans and X-rays to gain a deeper understanding of a patient’s oral condition. They provide valuable insights into teeth, bones, and soft tissues, aiding in the detection of dental problems. We recommend […]

Gum recession – Causes and treatment

Female with gum recession

Gum recession refers to the gradual exposure of the tooth roots due to the receding gum line. It occurs when the gum tissue surrounding the teeth pulls back, leading to the formation of gaps between the teeth and gums. It can cause tooth sensitivity – particularly to temperatures and certain foods – increased vulnerability to […]

Restorative Dentistry: Restoring Smiles, Function and Oral Health

A healthy and beautiful smile is an invaluable asset, boosting confidence and overall well-being. However, various factors like decay, trauma, or wear and tear can damage teeth, compromising both aesthetics and functionality. This is where restorative dentistry comes into play, offering a range of treatments to repair, restore, and enhance smiles. Understanding Restorative Dentistry Restorative […]

The cost of seeing your dentist

We get it, regular checkups with medical professionals cost time and money. But what is the cost of seeing your dentist compared to remedying more significant issues stemming from years of dental neglect?

Your mouth is the gateway to your body

Just like healthcare in a toddler is very different to that of an adult, so too should dental care differ for people of different ages, routines and lifestyles.

Inspire your kids to be proud of their mouths

Our own behaviour often influences that of our kids’. This is the first of a two-part blog series, outlining the importance of oral care through every phase of life, so you know how best to care for your and your loved ones’ teeth and mouths, as you grow and age.

Get our mouth Kiss-ready this Valentine’s Day

Is your mouth kiss-ready?

A mouth detox aims to rid your mouth of disease-causing bacteria. Left unchecked, these microbes can lead to bad breath, plaque, gum disease, and other oral and even overall health conditions.

How leading Cape Town dentist ensures patient comfort

Enamel Clinic is a group of dentists committed to ensuring that all patients are comfortable and completely at ease whilst in the dental clinic The design of the clinic took into account all patients, including those with health conditions, mobility impairments and young moms with strollers. Here’s how we have set up our dental practice […]