Dr Mark Bowes

Such is the warmth of the welcome and the calm aesthetic of the surroundings, it is easy to forget the purpose of the visit! Supported by his fantastic team, Dr. Mark Bowes manages to instantly allay any anxiety. His quietly knowledgeable and reassuring manner soothes away any vestiges of perspiration on the palms; furthermore, it is clear from the state of the art equipment and Dr. Bowes’ succinct explanations of each procedure that one is in seriously expert hands. Beset by memories of the dentist chair of yesteryear, I can hardly believe I am saying this – but, I can honestly say, a wonderful experience!

Carrie Turner

Couldn’t have asked for any better. Dr Mark Bowes, thank you for your professional service and dental work. I am extremely happy with the results and would recommend anyone that needs any dental work to make use of your services.


After many years of not smiling I haven’t stopped, the full experience was extremely professional, the team is friendly, organized and helpful in every aspect of the procedure.


Thank you 🙂

Tennille Bergh

Thank you so much for the best oral care ever! Dr Bowes is the best!! I smile with confidence and pride 🙂 . Its a gift you have, and I thank you for sharing it xx

Natasha Raad

Dr Mark Bowes is an excellent dentist and implant specialist. As patients of his since 2013, my wife, Monique, and I can vouch that he strives for perfection. In his chair, we feel we are in safe hands. As an academic, I appreciate his focus on continuing professional development, both in keeping up-to-date and in the leadership he exercises in the international arena, sharing his knowledge and expertise with postgrads and fellow dentists.

Dr Richard Hill

Superb, professional and the best dentistry I have ever had the pleasure of experiencing. Cannot recommend too highly.

Brian Eyre

Dr Mark Bowes is so passionate about dentistry and it truly shows in his work. He strives for perfection and is willing to dedicate as much of his time as needed in order to ensure an excellent end-result. I am so pleased with the work Dr Bowes has done on my teeth, and would highly recommend him to anyone.

Holly Snell

Dr Mark Bowes is an excellent dentist I can recommend to anybody. He is highly skilled and passionate, determined to achieve the best results. All the staff at the practice are very friendly, too. After the great results he achieved for me, my wife decided to let Mark improve her teeth as well. Thanks Mark!

Marcel M

Dr Mark Bowes is an incredibly efficient, passionate and compassionate practitioner. He takes pride in his work and pays huge attention to detail, while keeping the bigger picture in mind at the same time. After having been involved in a car accident, many of my teeth were fractured and discoloured which resulted in me hiding my smile for almost 2 years. His work on my gum line, bleaching and crowning has completely transformed my teeth, giving me the confidence to start smiling again. He has brought light into a very dark journey, and I am so fortunate and grateful to have received his care. Thank you!

Rebecca Lazarus

For many years I’ve been reluctant to reconstruct my smile, because I was afraid I will not like the end result. With the digital smile design process performed by Dr Mark Bowes, and his impeccable eye for detail, I immediately knew I was in good hands. He exceeded my expectations, thank you doctor; you are a true master in your profession.

Andre Wiese

Mark Bowes is ahead of his game, state of the art dentist, all round golfer, surfer, mountain bike specialist .

Ron Lowry

We are fortunate enough to have Dr Bowes as the family dentist for the past couple of years. His skill in dental aesthetics is outstanding and he has the ability to make a huge difference to your smile with subtle improvements.

Nerine Pienaar

I have been dealing with Mark for over 3 years now as he looked to reconstruct all my front teeth. He did an unbelievable job and I highly recommend him. The best of the best!

Clive Shonfeld

For as long as I can remember, I have had a confidence issue with the fluoride stains on my front teeth – something which grew more and more with my exposure to people on a professional level. After a consultation, some “home-work”, Dr Mark Bowes absolutely exceeded all expectations by completely removing the stains from my front teeth – I never knew this was even possible!! I couldn’t be more impressed. So grateful for the professional, painless and ground-breaking procedure that has literally changed my smile, and injected confidence into how I communicate. Thank you!

Jane Rowlinson

Mark is by far the best dentist I have ever been to, and I have lived in Germany and Australia for years, before returning to Cape Town. At the age of 50 I decided to fix my smile and teeth that had been neglected for years, due to my fear of dentists. I had braces first, followed by an implant and a few crowns, as well as ordinary fillings. I could not be more happy. From state of the art equipment to friendly service and a relaxed atmosphere in the rooms, Mark is highly skilled, yet every single visit receives the same attention. Thank you for continuous excellent service and my new smile.

Jana Maddock

Dr Bowes is a superb dentist. He takes time during consults to listen, explain and doesn’t rush you into decisions. He cares about the functional and aesthetic result, is innovative yet conservative in his approach.

Laura Hoogland

Mark Bowes is a highly skilled dentist, supported by a fully professional team at Enamel. I am astounded by what he achieved with my mouth in 3 weeks, that other dentists had suggested would take a year. If your dental problems are large (like mine) or small, I can’t recommend him highly enough.

Fiona Adam Ghosh

Fantastic and highly professional! I have been to a few dentists in Cape Town and Mark Bowes is certainly one of the best. I find him to be highly professional and he seems to be up to date with all of the latest technologies and gadgetries. The practice is also is also friendly and welcoming. I highly recommend Dr Bowes to anyone looking for a superb dentist in Cape Town.

Joseph Aminzadeh

This is certainly a practice I would recommend to friends and family, the quality of care and dentistry was out of this world and I can’t stop showing off my beautiful new smile!


What a fantastic, state of the art dental practice. Outstanding dentist, Dr Mark Bowes is excellent.


My family and I, Swiss citizens, were clients at Enamel Dentistry for the last 4 years when living in Cape Town. Dr Bowes and his team are providing outstanding service and work.

Always really nice and welcoming. We are planning to travel every time we need back to Cape Town for our dentistry needs.

If you are looking for a dentist, this is definitely the place to go!

Patrick & Family