Why choose Enamel Clinic for your Digital Smile Design (DSD)?

Not All
Dentistry Is Equal.

At the core of our practice philosophy are three elements that will have a profound effect on all our patients: Function, Aesthetics and Biology.

We focus on prevention as this will ensure the preservation of your dental health. Treatment will, for most of us, be inevitable. Our unique understanding has pioneered treatment options which will preserve your tooth structure.

We're an official DSD Clinic

As the first official Digital Smile Design (DSD) Clinic in Africa, we provide patients with niche dental treatments that are minimally invasive. Dr Mark Bowes leads the team of smile architects to help provide world-class dentistry.

Meet Certified Digital
Smile Design (DSD) Master

Dr. Mark Bowes

As part of his notable interest for Aesthetic Dentistry, Dr Bowes completed his residency and other related courses associated with Digital Smile Design (DSD) and is now recognised as a DSD Master and Instructor due to his years of practising this way.

Dr Bowes is the first dentist to introduce this idea/concept to South African patients.Dr Bowes is considered the best dentist in South Africa, if not in the world, and has years of experience in the field of cosmetic dentistry. He was voted one of Top 100 Dentists in the World (2021) and Digital Dentist of the Year (2020).

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Why pick a certified Digital Smile Design (DSD) Master & Clinic

  1. We are future proof. Our smile architects are digitally driven and use a patient-centred approach.
  2. We're all connected. Each DSD clinic works exclusively with the planning centre in Madrid, harnessing expertise from the best smile designers and planners. Read more about Digital Treatment Planning here.
  3. We're experts. We received our certification after intense and thorough training. This also guarantees that we deliver exceptional results.
  4. We Care. We combine tech innovation with human emotion. Our team is passionate about making a real difference in your life.

Did You Know?

Our smile rehabilitations/ makeovers are custom-designed for your case and provide you with the most cost-effective option required.

Did You Know?

Our three core principles for Lite Dentistry are Align, Bleach and Bond. This approach allows our team to advise on the most minimally invasive treatment to rehabilitate your smile, This includes using smile aligners to straighten teeth like ClearSmile or Inman Aligners. Thereafter we'll implement Aesthetic bonding to repair broken, worn down teeth. Lastly, we'll use front-end teeth whitening technology.

Did You Know?

Dr Mark Bowes is considered as one of the best dentists in Cape Town. Dr Bowes completed his residency and other related courses associated with Digital Smile Design (DSD) and is now recognised as a DSD Master and Instructor. He is also recognised as a leading dentist in his field locally and internationally.

Did You Know?

A Smile Architect is the term we use for our Smile Rehabilitation Dentists and their protocols at Enamel Clinic. We use the latest in digital planning platforms and we engage with other specialists for a collective intelligence take on each individual smile rehabilitation case. We design the framework of the rehabilitation plan and work according to each individual’s facial features, likes and dislikes as well as the functional habits of their mouths.

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