Root Canal Treatment Explained

Root Canal Treatment is the treatment of the inside of a tooth to heal or prevent infections, thereby saving teeth.

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How leading Cape Town dentist ensures patient comfort

Enamel Clinic is a group of dentists committed to ensuring that all patients are comfortable and completely at ease whilst in the dental clinic The design of the clinic took into account all patients, including those with health conditions, mobility impairments and young moms with strollers. Here’s how we have set up our dental practice …

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The Enamel Clinic Experience

At our clinic, we believe in people, and in their stories. We hold this close to our hearts as we tailor a smile that is uniquely you. And we ensure that your visit to us is not just a treatment, but an experience.

Enamel Clinic is best known for its world-class, multidisciplinary dentistry and use of state-of-the-art technology. But, we believe that it takes so much more than clinical expertise to create a truly incredible patient experience. 

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