Gum Recontouring

The shape and position of the gums greatly affect the balance of the smile, and if you show a lot of your gums when smiling (gummy smile), this treatment may be ideal to improve your smile aesthetics. If a patient has a gum line that is irregular – i.e. if the margins of the gums do not align with their contralateral counterpart (like the two central incisors or the two lateral incisors), or if a patient shows too much gum when they smile (also know as a gummy smile), then Gum Recontouring may be required. 

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This is a process whereby the gums are altered and shaped to help enhance the smile and balance the ratio between the white of the teeth and pink of the gums, known as the white-pink balance. 

At Enamel Clinic, we offer gum contouring treatment for restoring symmetry to your gum line, allowing a more confident and radiant smile.
Gum Recontouring is a minimally invasive cosmetic dental procedure, involving reshaping and contouring of the gums and sometimes the underlying bone. This procedure is performed using specialized lasers, scalpels, and bone trimmers. The outcome is designed to restore balance to the gum line, and give you a beautiful, confident smile. This process is done using 3D guided technology, where precise measurements are taken to understand exactly how much gum and bone needs to be removed and contoured. 3D printed guides are made and used during the procedure to help guide the surgeon in the process. This ensures precision and accuracy in the treatment. 

Gum Grafting

Gum grafting is an effective dental process used to treat gum recession. The purpose of the treatment is to restore and reshape your gum line. This is done by grafting tissue from certain sites in the mouth (usually the palate) and then repositioning that grafted tissue so it’s in place, by using specialized suturing techniques. Gum grafting is performed by a periodontist, done in-room, and can be performed in one visit. 

The treatment is considered to be a surgical process and every bit of care is taken to create a sterile and clean environment when the procedure is performed. Our specialists will guide you through your post-surgery instructions, advising you on the correct care and maintenance of the grafted site. It is also essential to track your follow-up appointment schedule to ensure that your healing is consistently monitored and shows no sign of irregularities.


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