Digital Smile Design (DSD)

Enamel Clinic was the 1st practice in South Africa to use this exciting concept and is South Africa’s only Digital Smile Design official clinic. Dr Bowes is one of the very few dentists in the world to become a Digital Smile Design (DSD) Instructor – he teaches dentists all over the world about the benefits of DSD. 


Digital Photography and state-of-the-art computer imaging software are used to create the perfect smile. Each patient’s teeth are positioned in the most Aesthetic and Functional position. Digital Smile Design seeks to present a new face of dentistry- a more natural, emotional and artistic approach. One cannot and should not underestimate the importance of a healthy smile.


Dr Mark Bowes said: “DSD is the starting point of all dental rehabilitation, for both simple and complex cases. For many dentists, treatment planning resulted in compromises of both Aesthetics and Function. With DSD, we now have a truly Facially Driven Planning process which can guarantee perfect results. DSD allows us to make Multidisciplinary decisions that most cases need and is the perfect tool for communication with the entire Dental Team. Minimally Invasive Dentistry is my passion, and without doubt, DSD is the driving force to ensure tooth preservation in all cases.


The most powerful use of Digital Smile Design (DSD) is the emotional benefits we see when we allow our patients to be involved in the treatment process. We live in a world where communication is key; DSD is the perfect language!”


Discover The DSD Processes

Case by Dr. Mark Bowes

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Porcelain Veneers

A veneer is a new front surface for a tooth, custom made from porcelain. Veneers can be used to correct broken, discoloured and malaligned  teeth. They can also be made extremely thin using minimally invasive technology. Their strength and appearance rivals that of natural teeth and they are used to make long lasting changes to the smile.

Dr Mark Bowes is a key opinion leader for e.max veneers and regularly host webinars and workshops for them.

Case by Dr. Mark Bowes

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Aesthetic Bonding

Aesthetic composite bonding including Composite Resin Veneers.

This is a process where a composite resin is applied to one or more teeth that have become discoloured or physically damaged. The plastic resin will be tooth-coloured to blend in, and your teeth can be bonded for numerous reasons. If they’re chipped, fractured, discoloured or worn through grinding, this cosmetic solution may be a great supplement to an improved smile.  Composite resin bonding can also be a fast, minimally invasive and inexpensive option if porcelain veneers are too expensive.

Case by Dr. Mark Bowes

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Tooth Whitening

Smiles are universally understood in every language. Here at Enamel, we understand that sometimes small details can make a major difference. Having a brilliant smile, free from stains and discoloration symbolises youth, health and increases your self-esteem.  Our oral hygienist provides customised care to ensure that your smile best reflects your personality and boosts your confidence so you won’t be able to stop smiling. Enamel utilises only the best quality tooth whitening products and technology. Whether you choose to do a professional in-office tooth whitening session or a professional at home tooth whitening kit, we will make sure that your smile will shine brighter and more radiant than ever.



  • If you have stained or discoloured teeth
  • If you want a more youthful smile
  • If you want to look confident and successful
  • If you want to look your best for special occasions



Zoom is an hour LED light activated tooth whitening system. Known for its gentleness and ease of access, Zoom is a state of the art tooth whitening system that uses advanced technology which will give you results that will last for years.


Our oral hygienist will protect your gums and apply the professional Zoom gel to your teeth. You’ll also be sent home with a maintenance kit to use at your convenience.



The Combo bleach is an hour non-light whitening system that includes professional in-chair bleaching by our oral hygienist and requires that you continue bleaching at home for a couple of days with customized trays to reach optimal results.



The home kit is a whitening system that you can use in the comfort of your home. The home kit includes customized bleach trays and syringes of gel. Optimal results can be achieved in 1 – 2 weeks. Our oral hygienist will provide you with proper instructions on how to use the home kit.



The Zoom Top-Up is for those patients who have done a Zoom, Combo or Home Kit session before and require a bit of maintenance. The Zoom Top-Up is a quick session to brighten your teeth up again and ensures that your teeth stay whiter for longer.


Frequently asked questions

Will tooth whitening procedure’s whiten existing crowns, veneers etc?

Professional  Tooth  Whitening  treatments  have  been  successful  at  removing  stains  from  crowns, veneers or bonded teeth. However, a whitening treatment in general cannot change the colour of the crowns, veneers or bonds. We recommend that you discuss your situation with our dentist to determine what you can expect.


Can I undergo tooth whitening procedures if I am pregnant?

While there are no known constraints for pregnant women, some may experience gum sensitivity. Pregnant women may wish to defer having the procedure until after pregnancy.


How do I maintain my new white teeth?

We stock various whitening products such as toothpastes and mouth rinses. Brush your teeth twice daily or after each meal. Floss daily. Visit your dentist/hygienist for regular cleanings and check-ups (recommended: every 6 months).


Is tooth whitening for everyone?

Tooth whitening is a safe, comfortable way to get a bright, white smile. Results and treatment time may vary depending on the level of staining and whiteness desired. Crowns, bridges, fillings, and veneers will not whiten. We recommend visiting our dentist / hygienist to discuss your options.


Will tooth whitening cause tooth sensitivity?

Some patients experience slight sensitivity during or after treatment. If sensitivity occurs, it is often temporary and will go away once you’ve completed the whitening process. Our products include desensitising ingredients such as potassium nitrate and fluoride to help reduce sensitivity and provide additional comfort.

Case by Dr. Mark Bowes

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Gum Recontouring

For those patients with low or uneven levels, a laser gum reshaping treatment can be performed to correct this. If a client has a gummy smile a painless gum lift can be offered.

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