Composite Veneers

Case by Dr Bowes

In this unique case, the patient, getting married within 30 days, was determined to complete the dental restoration in time. The patient made an appointment with our principal dentist Dr Bowes for a second opinion, expecting to lose his front tooth due to external resorption.

Digital Smile Design (DSD) was introduced in the beginning stage of the case, being a very effective planning tool in cosmetic dentistry procedures. All Digital Smile Designs are unique to the individual patient, that is why we involve the patient throughout the planning and implementing processes to accommodate changes.

Dr Bowes, having consulted with Dr Brand, Enamel Dentistry’s Endodontist, decided to retain the affected tooth and apply minimally invasive techniques to address the resorption. As global ambassadors for Slow Dentistry®, we strive to improve standards of patient care, comfort and provide patients with a better understanding of cosmetic dentistry.

After treating the tooth, some aesthetic correction was still required – due to discolouration and tooth wear on the incisors. Dr Bowes proceeded to apply direct restorations to a range of the patient’s front teeth, using the most suitable materials to remedy the case.

To address the dark discolouration of one of the affected teeth, Dr Bowes used White Dental Beauty Composite, an exceedingly simple and effective solution. He used the dental composite’s opaque flow with one dentine and enamel shade each.

To isolate the operative site, Dr Bowes used a Rubber Dam and Unica matrix system from Polydentia, meant for anterior restorations.

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