Facial Aesthetics

We use our facial muscles in a number of ways on a daily basis. From talking to frowning, smiling, or yawning, our skin is stretched or contracted as we use our muscles. Each person ages differently, and over the years, you lose the elasticity of your skin, causing sagging or drooping. Enhancing your natural beauty with a minimally invasive facial treatment is possible. Our facial aesthetics department offers a variety of treatments curated by Dr Sheryl Smithies. She has extensive training in Aptos threads, Juvéderm® fillers, and Botox®/Dysport® injections.


Dr Sheryl Smithies is originally from Durban and moved to Cape Town to further expand her techniques and knowledge of cosmetic dentistry and facial aesthetic treatments. Once a patient has completed his/her smile rehabilitation at Enamel Clinic, our facial aesthetics department can complete his/her new look with a facial enhancement treatment. Dr Smithies has been administering both Toxin and fillers since 2009 and keeps her skills up-to-date by attending numerous courses, both hands-on and virtual. She has been doing thread treatments since 2016 and loves to include them in any rejuvenating aesthetic plans.
Dr Smithies has contributed to many webinars and discussions about facial aesthetic treatments, and offers learning opportunities in facial enhancement techniques


Meeting us for the first time, how does a first consultation work?
We always enjoy welcoming new or returning patients. Once you’ve decided you would like to have a treatment done, we’ll schedule a consultation appointment.

Your first appointment will include a discussion between you and Dr Smithies regarding your goals and wishes for your aesthetic treatment. Thereafter, a clinical examination and photos. With this information, Dr Smithies will discuss the ideal treatment outcomes and possibilities. If more in-depth treatments, such as a thread lift, are required, a surgical intervention is suggested. Once Dr Smithies has established the facial aesthetic treatment, costing will be discussed, as well as the best time frame for your treatment – for example, we’ll avoid treatment right before a big event.

What is the consultation cost?
The cost of your first consultation is R750, but this fee will be waived if the treatment is completed within a month of the consultation.

Can I book a virtual consultation?
Although we offer interactive virtual consultations, Dr Smithies prefers an in-practice appointment to assess your areas of concern and, of course, to get to know you better. Virtual consultations are ideal for any general questions you might have about our treatments, but an in-person meeting will be the real first step on your face lift journey.


Both Botox® and Dysport® are classified as botulinum toxins that cause facial muscles to relax. The procedure includes target muscles being injected in a number of sites with the toxin. This treatment is relatively painless and male and female patients can benefit from this treatment alike. Neurotoxin injections can be started in your late 20’s for the best preventative results but can also be applied later in life to treat wrinkles.


Juvéderm fillers are used to fill or plump up areas with hyaluronic acid (a natural substance generated in your skin). Some areas are more painful than others and hence we recommend that you arrive early for your appointment so that numbing cream can be applied to alleviate the pain of the injection. Fillers are fantastic for sculpting and conditioning to help keep your skin to be youthful and smooth. This treatment can be done for both males and females alike. Dr Smithies likes to do natural treatments as she does not overuse filler and believes that less is more.


Aptos threads contain Hyaluronic Acid that is carefully inserted and attached to soft tissue, stimulating collagen growth in the skin to provide a smooth outcome. These threads are a fantastic way to lift skin and help prevent the effects of gravity on your ageing process. We use Aptos threads as they are considered an advanced thread brand.


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