5 Lesser-Known but Really Useful Uses for Toxin

Neurotoxin (or Botox ® as it is more colloquially known) is not just use for the treatment of wrinkles.  It can be used for other areas of the face too. There are some really great tricks one can use toxin for, that might not be related to wrinkles at all!

1) Migraines

Migraines and tension headaches can be caused by a tightness in your facial muscles as well as your neck and head muscles too.  Toxin is a muscle relaxer because it causes paralysis of the muscle, thereby preventing any buildup or tightness in the muscle itself.  If you really struggle with migraines and headaches, a once off treatment with toxin can really help.  But, I warn you, when it wears off you’re going to want to have it done again and again.

Migraines can be alieved with toxin injections.

2) Treating your gummy smile

If you are self-conscious of showing your gums off when you smile, you don’t have to physically control your smile anymore.  Now a little touch of toxin in 2 key areas can help your lip to stay down and not lift so high.  I know the feeling when you smile so high that you feel like a horse.  No need to anymore. 

Gummy Smile Before Toxin
Treatment of Gummy Smile with Toxin.

3) Teeth grinding and a Thinner Face

Do you know that you grind or clench your teeth?   Or do you feel like your teeth area wearing down quite badly?  Your jaw might be stiff or your joint might click too.  All of these can be alleviated with the use of toxin in some trigger muscles.  It prevents you from biting too hard but we do still recommend that you have a night guard made to fit your teeth to help with this treatment.  Also, sometimes this treatment can slim your face down a touch if your muscles were really large.

4) Sad Smile

Do your lips hang down at the corners?  Or does your chin dimple when you pull it tight.  Both of these instances can be solved with a touch of toxin.  We can lift the corners of your lips and soften your strong chin muscle.  Women should have more pointed chin and as you age it gets flatter, this isn’t helped by your strong chin muscle.

Strong chin pulls lips down making a sad looking smile.

5) Nose Tip Dip

When you smile hard does your nose turn downwards?  This can easily be remedied with a little shot of toxin to the base of the nose.  This helps keep your nose tip up when you’re smiling.

If you feel you need one of the above uses of toxin or if you just need the usual wrinkle softening injections, let us know.  At Enamel we can help guide you as to what treatment is best for you.  Call now for a consultation with Dr Smithies at Enamel Dentistry.