A New Age in Dental Examinations and Expectations

How long have you been seeing a dentist and for every check-up they do the usual prod and poke with a couple of x-rays?  If you have any questions as to whether your gums have receded any more or whether your teeth have moved, it’s difficult to tell unless the dentist specifically measured the recession previously or if they happen to have an old plaster study model of yours to compare.

Thank goodness technology has brought us the 3D intra-oral scanner.  With this new tool, we can take a 3D live picture of your mouth (see video below).  This will be saved for posterity and can always be referred back to whenever necessary.

The software will be able to show you exactly where your gums may be receding more or exactly where your teeth may have moved.  You’ll be able to see any wear and tear damage that has happened over time and many other things can be noted on there.

Upper and Lower jaw scan on the Trios software.

But what if you need a crown down?  That is simple – we can always copy your old scan and make the new crown look exactly like your original tooth did! 

So, yes, we do still have to prod and poke a little and take some x-rays but including a 3D scan into your check-up can make all the difference over time! 

You are on the cutting edge of all other technology – your phone, your tablet, your tv so why shouldn’t your teeth be the same?  Book your 3D scan with us and get your mouth into the new era of Dentistry!

By Dr Sheryl Smithies

Associate Dentist at Enamel Dentistry.