Your Best Wedding Day Accessory. Your Smile…

Wink wink, nudge nudge. It’s wedding season. We wanted to make sure you’re on top of every little detail for your special day.

A couple enjoying their special day. Our team of dentists can help you enhance your facial aesthetics as well as oral health.

Have your thought about your Smile?

With everything else you are trying to plan, I know it is so easy to forget your smile.  Is it something that has always bothered you? Or have you ever wondered what a brighter smile could do for you?  This is the best occasion in your life for a beautiful smile. Remember,  you don’t want to rely on photoshop after the day to make your smile as bright as it so easily could be. 

What can I do quickly to make my Smile Brighter for my big day?

Depending on what your teeth look like now (and whether they already have veneers or crowns on them) the simplest and quickest type of treatment is to have professional teeth whitening done.  You can do this either in the office with a Zoom light for quickest results.  Or you can do the home whitening version which will take a few weeks to get the desired results at home.  Brighter Smile means brighter pictures and a much brighter you!

What else can I do to make my teeth look better?

The most popular treatment options for a phenomenal smile makeover are veneers or teeth alignment. Veneers are shells made out of either porcelain or resin that are bonded over the front of your teeth to make them look whiter and give them a better shape.  And if you feel your teeth are too crooked we would suggest that you have invisible aligners to move your teeth into a better position.

Having the perfect smile is important for your special day.

Can I only choose one treatment?

No, most of these treatments can work together to give you the best possible result.  Depending on your time frame we can build the best treatment plan that suits you.  But please don’t leave everything to the last minute!  Beautiful teeth can take time so let’s start early enough to give you the best result.

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The more time we have to focus on your best smile, the better. Give us a ring to see how your smile could be brighter for your special day.

By Dr Sheryl Smithies

Associate dentist at Enamel Dentistry.