Where is the best cosmetic dental practice in Cape Town?

Enamel Dentistry is considered the best cosmetic dental practice in Cape Town. We offer minimally invasive treatments and techniques utilising the latest dental technology. 

Enamel Dentistry is the best cosmetic dental practice in Cape Town.

Dr Mark Bowes, an opinion leader for cosmetic dentistry, rehabilitated this patient’s smile using Digital Smile Design protocols.

As a specialist in his field, Dr Bowes’ philosophy includes the Lite Dentistry principles to guide the smile rehabilitation process:

  • Aligning the smile with clear aligner therapy
  • Bleaching (or Whitening) the shade of the teeth with natural results
  • Aesthetic Bonding to enhance the aesthetics of the teeth, taking into consideration the unique features of your face and smile. 
Before and After Cosmetic Dentistry treatment

Starting the treatment journey at the best cosmetic dental practice in Cape Town: Aligning teeth

This specific cosmetic smile rehabilitation journey started with teeth alignment. Dr Bowes adjusted the position of this patient’s teeth with a series of ClearSmile aligners

These aligners are clear, plastic, removable appliances that use precision-manufactured technology. This treatment option offers patients the convenience of straightening teeth in a time-effective and cost-effective manner. 

Getting the right shade: Teeth Whitening

As part of the smile rehabilitation journey, we enhance the shade of your teeth using advanced whitening technology to provide natural results. For this particular case, Dr Bowes used the White Dental Beauty teeth whitening kit.

This treatment option includes a combination of an in-practice and at-home whitening treatments. Alternatively, you can whiten your teeth at home exclusively. We provide patients with a scale, polish (hygiene cleaning), custom-made trays and whitening gel.

White Dental Beauty teeth whitening at Enamel Dentistry

Bonding: getting the teeth aesthetics up to shape

Being a Digital Smile Design Clinic, we utilise collective intelligence from the planning centre in Madrid. The centre references a library of smiles and provide a suitable option for a completed smile that will fit the patient’s profile.

As a smile architect, Dr Bowes understands the importance of preserving the original tooth structure, including mimicking the natural aesthetics of the teeth successfully.

For this case, Dr Bowes decided to incorporate resin bonding by using a digital technique called injection moulding. This bonding technique utilises composite resin which is applied to one or more teeth.

This helps address physical damage and discolourisation of the teeth. The technique is a minimally invasive alternative to porcelain veneers. 

If you resonate with this patient’s need for a smile rehabilitation, we recommend booking a consultation to start your journey towards the perfect smile. 

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