Can you spot a great smile makeover when you see one?

As consumers, we can rely on industry standards for a product’s authenticity and value. We believe it should be the same for smile makeovers! If you’re considering a smile makeover, this blog is for you. We explore the 5 dental industry standards for a perfect smile makeover and how our team can help make it happen. Our virtual or in-practice consultations can help you decide what’s best for you, enquire here.

Can you spot a great makeover when you see one?

First off, a smile makeover will have the following essential features:

  • Long-lasting results
  • Functions well
  • Makes you feel confident
  • Looks good

Without these features, your smile confidence needs a bit of a booster. We’ve got great news,  our team of smile architects can help you! Here’s a little-known thing: To get a life-changing smile of exceptional quality, it’s all about choosing a dentist that follows the 5 smile makeover standards of excellence.

The 5 Smile Makeover Standards

These standards are a guarantee of the quality of treatment you can expect from your smile makeover. Think of them as a code of best practice for smile makeover dentists.

  • Digitization: Better quality information
  • 3D Facial Design: Harmonizing smiles with faces
  • Better decision making
  • You test and approve
  • Your customized treatment
Digitization for smile makeovers


Better quality information

We use Digital Smile Design, which means that we begin every treatment by using advanced technology to meticulously gather and process your dental information down to the very last detail.

3D Facial Design

3D Facial Design:

Harmonizing smiles with faces

We design your new smile in 3D and in harmony with your facial features to create a natural balance. We call this facially driven 3D smile design.

Digital Treatment Planning for smile makeovers

Digital Treatment Planning:

Better decision making

We work with a team of experienced digital smile design experts to create your treatment plan. Combining our collective knowledge allows us to make the best decisions and deliver the highest treatment standards for you.

Trial smile for smile makeovers

Trial Smile:

You test and approve

Building work doesn’t begin until plans are approved, so why should dental treatment be any different? Before treatment begins, you’ll be able to see, feel and approve your smile design in your own mouth. We’ll work with you to ensure we really understand what you’re looking for.

Guided dentistry Enamel Dentistry

Guided Digital Dentistry:

Your Treatment

We use specialized, digitally printed tools to deliver your custom treatment with precision. This means your end result will be exactly what you approved in your treatment plan. Few clinics have the technology and know-how to offer this level of quality control.

Get started with your journey!

Choose a smile makeover that’s the real deal without wasting your time, money, or wellbeing on substandard treatment! With the 5 Smile Makeover Standards that we offer, you can feel truly confident in your decision to get a life-changing new smile! Book your consultation now!