Committed to making the earth smile

We are dedicated to the well-being of our patients and our beautiful planet as well. This motivates us to make use of eco-friendly equipment that helps us to put a smile not only on your face but on the planet too.

Our custom Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) are a departure from the mainstream plastic variety which contributes to a huge amount of plastic waste. We wash and autoclave our green fabric Personal Protective Equipment, making it not only reusable (cutting down waste) but sterile and safe for use. 

To complement our use of custom PPE, we also:

  • Use a waterless suction unit (imported from Europe at the start of the water crisis) to use less water in the surgeries.
  • Use biodegradable paper cups in our water dispenser
  • Use 3D scanners to take impressions of the mouth, as often as possible, to eliminate the use of impression materials and impression trays – which are often plastic.

We are happy to also say that we have expanded The Humble co. range at our practice to include plastic-free earbuds – which will be readily available for you.

Dr Mark Bowes is a Global ambassador for Humble Smile Foundation, and a percentage of sales from these products goes to the Humble Foundation which helps disadvantaged children in South Africa, amongst other projects.

These are all efforts to keep our commitment to the environment proactive and connected to our day to day work. We are proud to know that each time we improve the lives of our patients, we contribute to the wellbeing of our environment.

We look forward to welcoming new or recurring patients for our range of treatments.

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