Dental Emergencies in this time of Covid-19

How do I know that my dental issue is an Emergency?

In this time of lockdown there are a number of areas that are grey when it comes to whether it is deemed essential under the new laws of a pandemic.  We are meant to be social distancing to prevent the spread of the disease.  So for this reason we wanted to help you decide whether your dental issue is one that needs to be seen to during this time of lockdown.

Toothache………..we’re here to help!

Is it painful?

If you have something in your mouth that is painful, whether it be a tooth or a lesion that you are having to take pain killers for and you can’t sleep, then, yes, this is an emergency.  Dental abscesses are no laughing matter and need to be dealt with as an emergency.

Did you suffer any trauma?

Have you had an experience of trauma to the face and mouth that may have broken, dislodged or knocked your teeth?  Then this is definitely an emergency.   Teeth that have been knocked or are mobile due to trauma need to be splinted much like a plaster cast splints a broken arm.  Please ensure you see an emergency dentist directly.

I broke a tooth, is this an emergency?

This depends on whether the tooth is painful or not.  If you have broken a front tooth quite dramatically (i.e. half of your tooth is missing) this could be deemed an emergency even if it isn’t painful.  But if you’ve just chipped the corner off a tooth and it isn’t really painful then I suggest you hold on until the lockdown is lifted.

If you’ve broken a back tooth and it is a little bit sensitive, I suggest being careful with it and staying away from really hot or cold things.  You’ll find that in a few days, the sensitivity won’t be so bad.  However, if the sensitivity ramps up a level and you are experiencing pain, please seek help!

Some of the PPE we may be wearing to treat you.

How can I be sure of the best Infection Control procedures for my emergency dental treatment?

At Enamel Dentistry we ensure that you have the best possible care when it comes to infection control practices.  We have been a Slow® Dentistry Ambassador practice for a while now which means that we conform to the best in infection control practices as a standard.  But now with this pandemic ever increasing, we are also stepping up our procedures to ensure that we are maintaining superior infection control standards.  Your health is of the utmost importance to us.

Enamel is a Slow Dentistry Ambassador Practice

So if I am not in any real pain should I hold off?

Yes, for the time being, if you think you can handle waiting a couple of weeks, we suggest you try to do so.  But, remember, we are available for you if you really do need us!  Keep safe everyone!

By Dr Sheryl Smithies

Associate Dentist at Enamel Dentistry