Enamel Clinic – Sharing Ideas & Pushing Boundaries

Global Leaders in Dentistry

Every now and then, you meet extraordinary people. People who make an indelible impact on those around them. They do this through their sheer brilliance, passion, creativity and ability to venture onto roads less travelled; paving the way and opening doors for those who will eventually follow.

Sometimes those people meet, and create extraordinary things together.

Our Directors: Dr Mark Bowes and Dr Howard Gluckman

The founders and directors of Enamel Clinic, Dr Mark Bowes and Dr Howard Gluckman, are world renowned and globally recognised for their contributions to the industry. They participate in various studies and lecture both locally as well as on a global scale.

Dr Howard Gluckman is a world renowned periodontist, prolific author and lecturer. He is also the founder and director of the Implant and Aesthetic Academy (IAA), which is adjacent to Enamel Clinic. It is the only dedicated postgraduate dental training centre of its kind in South Africa, providing comprehensive training in an extensive range of courses. 

Dr Mark Bowes is a globally respected Cosmetic and Restorative dentist. He is well-known for being proactively involved in the developments of the dental industry, contributing to numerous international study groups as well as establishing and being involved in an impressive number of influential local and international organisations. 

He pioneered the development of Digital Smile Design (DSD) in South Africa, is the only DSD instructor in the country, and one of only two on the African continent. He also introduced various other technologies to the country, and is dedicated to contributing to continuous development and innovation in dentistry.  

They have both lectured extensively, nationally and internationally, and serve on various dental boards and panels. 

Dedicated to sharing knowledge and sharpening the skills of other practitioners, they are widely regarded as two of the most influential figures in the dental industry.

Our Team – Dedicated to learning and sharing knowledge



The Enamel Clinic team is made up of dental professionals who are leaders in their fields of expertise – creating an international powerhouse within the dental industry.

At our clinic, we have created a culture that not only encourages continuous learning, but also sharing of knowledge. All our doctors are involved in sharing their expertise and experiences on various platforms; enhancing the skills of fellow and future clinicians.

Our clinicians lecture for numerous reputable dental companies, establish study groups for like-minded dental professionals and facilitate comprehensive courses and training sessions. These aim to provide a learning destination for both newly qualified clinicians, as well as those who wish to keep abreast of new developments and experiences in the industry.

Training for these lectures often takes them to international destinations; attending conferences and sharing ideas with colleagues on a global scale, and returning with a wealth of knowledge to share with their team.

They consider themselves life-long learners; and aim to encourage others to self-challenge and test professional boundaries. They are constantly pushing themselves to do more and better – appreciating the knowledge that the extensive research, hours of preparation and development of creative ways of delivering content have benefitted others as well as themselves.

Sharing concepts, knowledge and ideas allows others to learn from their experiences. It creates a system which they’d like to see benefiting the industry as a whole.