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Dentistry is personal, and we know it. Since opening our doors in 2010, we’ve been growing our unique set of Dental Services for patients from Cape Town and beyond.  

We primarily focus on prevention in order to help preserve dental health. Our team is a collection of dental professionals, each offering a niche service in their field.

We are a Dental Practice based in Green Point Cape Town

Bespoke services for your convenience:

Cosmetic & Reconstructive Dentistry 

Our Cosmetic Dentistry department offers customisable and predictable treatments for individuals who wish to rehabilitate their smiles. We aim to improve smile confidence whilst building meaningful relationships with our patients. Treatments include Digital Smile Design, Porcelain Veneers, Aesthetic Bonding, Tooth Whitening, Gum Recontouring, Implant Dentistry, Tooth Wear, Full Mouth Rehabilitation, Clear Smile Aligners and Cosmetic Fixed Braces.

Dr Mark Bowes, our Clinical director, is a Digital Smile Design smile architect who focuses on enhancing smiles naturally, using cost-effective, minimally invasive techniques. If you’re interested in rehabilitating your smile in a way that considers the natural aesthetics of your face, this approach is the best option for you.  Dr Bowes is also an honorary Global ambassador for Slow Dentistry, and a global ambassador for Humble Smile Foundation.

Dr Sheryl Smithies, who is also a registered Digital Smile Design architect, is passionate about empowering her patients with a rehabilitated smile. Since DSD is a facially-driven treatment plan, she takes into consideration your natural features to design your smile. As members of the DSD clinic global network, both Dr Bowes and Dr Smithies utilise collective intelligence from the planning centre in Madrid to plan your smile.

Our Cosmetic & Reconstructive Dentisry team are registered Digital Smile Design practitionars.


Our Endodontics department, collectively managed by Dr Andre Brand and Dr Sonja Britz, provides exceptional service to all patients. Their focus is on treatments like root canals or dental pain.  With years of tried and tested experience in their field, you’ll be in good hands.

Root Canal and Dental pain can be treated by our Endodontics Deparment.

Oral Hygiene

Need an annual dental check-up or hygiene cleaning? Our oral hygienist, Jolandi Keyser, always gives patients peace of mind when they visit her for an appointment. This is an important service to book as she conducts necessary screenings of your oral health to check for diseases and symptoms of conditions like oral cancer. 

Oral health and diseases are assessed by our hygienist

Facial Aesthetics

Enhancing your natural facial features will positively contribute to your overall confidence. Dr Shery Smithies is at the forefront of aesthetic treatments which includes Facial Fillers, Aptos Threading, and Anti-wrinkle injections (Botox or Dysport). 

Sleep & Airway Management services

Sleeping is no longer a taboo subject, and our team can get to the root of your sleeping problem. One of the solutions we offer is Oral Appliance Therapy, an effective and cost-effective approach to help ease problems like obstructive sleep apnoea. 

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Our team is here to assist with a variety of dental and facial aesthetic treatments. Patients have a long standing relationship with us as our philosophy for all treatments has always set us apart: Function, Aesthetics and Biology. 

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