Enamel Salutes our Female Key Opinion Leaders

The Enamel team of clinicians is made up of a group of brilliantly minded, expertly skilled and dedicated medical professionals.

At our clinic, we have created a culture that encourages continuous learning, and sharing of knowledge. With it being Women’s Month, we highlight the female clinicians on our team who share their expertise and experiences on various platforms. They dedicate much of their free time to extensive research and hours of preparation, and developing creative ways of delivering content.

Dr Sonja Britz

Dr Britz forms half of our Endodontics team, and is one of the three founding members of the Cape Endodontic Study Club. The club meets quarterly, holding discussions and sharing experiences on a range of topics. These aim to provide a learning destination for both newly qualified clinicians, as well as those who wish to keep abreast of new developments and experiences in the industry.

Dr Britz is also a key opinion leader for Dentsply Sirona, lecturing to dentists who are entering the industry, as well as more experienced practitioners who’d like to update their skills.

Dr Sheryl Smithies

Dr Smithies is a key opinion leader for Krystl Aligners, and has lectured alongside Dr Mark Bowes on DSD, as well as at Women in Dentistry. She’s had the privilege of attending international conferences, as the only representative from South Africa, and returning with a wealth of knowledge to share with her team. 

She’s also lectured alongside our senior Oral Hygienist Elna van der Ham, who previously served as the president of OHASA and served on the International Federation of Dental Hygienists’ committee at the House of Delegates.

Elna Van Der Ham

Aside from being a key contributor at OHASA seminars, Elna has an impressive set of accolades to her name, and is well-known for her contribution to the industry. She has served as both representative and key contributor on various prominent boards and organisations, including presently being on the board of the Dental Wellness Trust. 

Aside from her more obvious educational and community contributions, she’s also left her mark in the world of media. She’s written articles for publications such as Glamour Magazine and Oh-Magazine, and appeared on television features.

Our team not only uses their expertise and skill to brighten smiles and change lives, but also shares this knowledge to enhance the skills and open doors for the next generation of smile architects.