Facial Threads for a little Pick-me-up

Have you ever found yourself pulling up your skin on your face to see what a face lift would look like on you?  After the age of 40, we’ve all been there!

How would you look with a little lift?

I’m Scared to go under the knife.

The idea of having surgery on your face is definitely a scary thought.  Could you justify doing that to yourself all in the name of beauty?  Also, the time to heal after such an invasive treatment seems ridiculous when you’ve been doing it purely for aesthetic reasons. This is why we love the Aptos® Face Thread Lifts.  It’s nowhere near as invasive as a surgical face lift, and it gives you some lift straight away with hardly any down time.  And the bonus is that it armours your skin at the same time.

How do Aptos ®Threads work?

Aptos® threads are made up of dissolving sutures that are threaded through a small hole under the skin in targeted areas.  There are many different types of threads for many different applications.  All threads will stimulate collagen production.  This collagen will support the skin and make it more resilient.  Think of a scaffold holding the skin up.

The threads that are specifically made for lifting have special hooks on the suture itself.  These hooks will hook onto your skin and allow you to pull and lift the skin.  Once the thread has lifted the skin, it will also start to stimulate collagen growth.  This then armours the skin and lifts at the same time.  Our Aptos® threads are very special as they include Hyaluronic Acid in the structure of the thread, giving your skin an even better condition after treatment.

Some of the areas that Threads can help support and lift.

Why is Collagen so Important?

Once you reach the age of 35, your body does not make collagen as quickly or as well as it used to.  Collagen is the supporting structure of all your body tissues, not just your skin.  But you notice the loss of collagen the most in your skin because it starts to sag and get wrinkly.  This is why any Collagen-stimulating treatment is great as it forces your body to start to build more collagen.

Am I a candidate for an Aptos® Thread Lift?

If you are between the ages of 30-55 you are definitely a candidate.  Depending on the quality of your skin you may need 1 or more treatments. 

Threads can support, lift and sculpt your face.

What if I don’t quite need a full lift just yet?

You can definitely start with smaller threads if you are worried that your skin is starting to get lax and lose its suppleness.  I really would suggest doing this around the age of 30, before your collagen starts weakening.  That way you build a nice structure for support of your skin.

How much down time do I need after a thread lift?

You will feel very tight and you will be uncomfortable the first day.  Technically, you could go straight back to work, but having had them myself, I was happy to go straight home that day.  The next day you will be fine for work, you just won’t want to speak too much or be too animated as your face will be very tight.  You will be a bit puffy for a few days and you may have a couple of little bruises, nothing makeup and your mask can’t hide.

Will I still need a face lift in the future?

Yes, you may well need a facelift at some stage.  However, by using the Aptos Threads to armour the skin, you are putting the surgery off into the distant future all the while conditioning your skin.  If you start early enough and are consistent enough with your threads, you may never need a face lift.

Can I book a consult before I have the treatment done?

Yes, definitely.  Dr Sheryl Smithies is happy to consult with you about your treatment and help you make a decision regarding which is the best treatment for you.  Once you are happy with the plan, the treatment can then be booked.

Call us to book your consult for Aptos® Threads with Dr Sheryl Smithies.

By Dr Sheryl Smithies

Associate Dentist at Enamel Dentistry

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