Flash your most confident New Year smile.

Enamel Dentistry Tooth Whitening

Teeth Whitening Treatment. Flash your brighest smile this Festive Season.

Does this sound familiar? 

Someone asks you to pose for a group photo and yells “say cheese”. Everyone in the group confidently flashes a smile, while you grin awkwardly instead because you’re self-conscious about your discoloured teeth. We can help you avoid this scenario with a simple solution. Our variety of Tooth Whitening Treatment options can help enhance the shade of your teeth to provide a natural, brighter and whiter appearance. 

What causes our teeth to discolour?

There are genetic, environmental or pharmacological factors that cause tooth stains. Staining can occur either above or below the enamel of the teeth. Factors that can influence the surface colour of the enamel include certain food (for example sugary drinks or coffee)and lifestyle choices like smoking and bad oral hygiene. Over time, our teeth also discolour as our enamel progressively becomes thinner.

We offer patients 3 Tooth Whitening options to choose from:

–         In-practice treatment (whitening procedure, cleaning, customised trays and a supply of teeth whitening gel).

–         At Home treatment (cleaning, customised trays, a supply of teeth whitening gel & instructions)

–         A combination between the in-practice and home sessions (whitening procedure, cleaning, customised trays & supply of teeth whitening gel).

How does the in-practice Zoom Teeth Whitening treatment work?

Our oral hygienist uses an advanced LED light together with hydrogen peroxide gel to carefully lighten your teeth. The gel also contains a pH booster, which makes it a safe and painless procedure. 

Who can book a Teeth Whitening treatment?

We advise booking a consultation before a tooth whitening treatment to assess your overall oral health. Patients book for this treatment if they are looking for a safe and effective way to enhance the colour of their teeth or have stained or discoloured teeth. If you have veneers, crowns or bonds, a consultation with our team will determine the best course of action for you.

You’ve booked your Teeth Whitening treatment. What do you need to do pre-treatment?

We recommend having a good meal before the treatment, as you will be unable to eat anything during the two hours post-procedure.

All tooth whitening procedures include an initial scale and polish to remove any plaque or unwanted residue from the teeth, before starting the whitening process.  

What to avoid after a Tooth Whitening Treatment?

We recommend avoiding food and drinks that are highly coloured (like beetroot, berries, coffee, red wine or tomato sauce) for 24 hours after an in-practice whitening treatment. You will only be allowed white foods or drinks for the first 24 hours (like rice, white bread, milk, soda).

Don’t get caught off guard this Festive Season, book for a Zoom Whitening treatment with our team.