Gentle Dentistry for a Brighter, Healthier Smile

We have long associated traditional dentistry with some degree of trauma. It’s known for discomfort, drills, intimidatingly long needles, and judgement for not adhering to your oral care routine. But modern dentistry prioritises your comfort and well-being, not just your teeth. We use an approach called gentle dentistry. This philosophy has revolutionised the whole experience of going for your biannual check-up. It helps you maintain good oral health and a brighter smile, without the fear that once came with being in a dentist’s chair.

What is Gentle Dentistry?

The concept of gentle dentistry is built on four key areas: the skill of the dentist, the techniques used, investment in new technologies, and the overall patient experience. At Enamel Clinic, we ensure that every step of your dental experience is a gentle one, from the moment of booking your first consultation.

Gentle dentistry encourages open communication between dentist and patient

Comfortable & Quality Dental Care

Gentle dentistry emphasises the importance of open lines of communication between you and your dentist, and their team. It begins with your first interactions, which includes booking your appointment, having your initial questions answered, and feeling confident that your needs will be heard and met.

Previously, dentists were seen as unapproachable, so patients were not always comfortable sharing their dental concerns. Rather than feeling like you’re being hauled over the coals for bad dental behaviour, your relationship with your dentist should be supportive and empathic. 

At Enamel Clinic, our dentists take the time to understand your problem and utilise the most sophisticated diagnostic tools. We explain each and every procedure to enable our patients to feel confident in their treatment choices.  You should feel able to ask the necessary questions to fully understand all of your options and what the next steps are. After all, you are working together to make sure that your smile is always at its best.

Furthermore, we adhere to strict confidentiality guidelines, protecting your privacy and personal information, at all times.

Protocols, Skills and Technology to Support Gentle Dentistry 

The gentle dentistry approach includes cutting-edge techniques, as well as care in the instruments and equipment used during treatments.

Sterilisation and Infection Control

Enamel Clinic, like many modern dental practices, has stringent sterilisation protocols. We have a dedicated cleaning and sterilisation team ensuring that the space, equipment and instruments are in pristine condition. They carefully clean and disinfect all tools, using a combination of manual, heat and chemical sterilisation methods. Moreover, they thoroughly check them in between patients. We design every step of your dental appointment to support you, giving you the highest quality of care, and adhering to rigorous processes and procedures for infection control.

Equipment and Technology

Another way that gentle dentistry ensures the comfort and safety of patients is the continuous investment in new techniques and technologies. Dentists should constantly develop their skills to ensure that they are employing the latest techniques. Similarly, they should be investing in equipment that would more quickly, efficiently and painlessly examine, diagnose and treat patients. We also utilise dental processes like the Slow Dentistry approach to promote ethical, high-quality dentistry, for stress-free dental experiences.

Continuous investment in skills and technology are important in the gentle dentistry approach.

Additionally, we use state-of-the-art equipment. The CBCT (cone-beam computed tomography) produces detailed 3D X-rays. They allow us a much broader view of the mouth and jaw, to accurately diagnose and treat complex cases. Dentists carefully explain all observations and recommendations to the patient. In turn, this puts them more at ease, fully understanding dental concerns and the way forward.

A 3D intraoral scanner is an advanced dental imaging technology that allows us to create highly accurate digital models of a patient’s teeth and oral structures. We use the imagery it produces for various dental procedures. It also eliminates the need for messy traditional dental impressions, providing a more comfortable experience for the patient.

Digital Anaesthesia is a welcome alternative to traditional needles. The Wand ® allows the dentist to control the flow of anesthesia and adjust pressure on the tissue. The benefit of this technology is almost pain free anesthesia.

Gentle Dentistry through the Enamel Experience

Our practice is designed with gentle care dentistry in mind. Curved architecture, organic shapes, calming prints and designs, friendly and efficient staff and soothing scents and music create a sense of relaxation and serenity. It’s all part of the Enamel Experience.

Enamel Clinic dentists all practice gentle dentistry

Finding the Best Gentle Dentist

A dentist who specialises in gentle dentistry will make sure that every part of your appointment is supportive and friendly. Even the design and layout of the treatment rooms have been curated to ensure you feel calm. 

Rather than searching “gentle dentistry near me” and hoping for the best, make sure that you talk to your dentist at the start of your appointment to understand their approach. At Enamel Clinic, we take a gentle approach to all our treatments, and we look forward to welcoming you for your next appointment – with smiles all around.

Enamel dentist, Dr Marc Sher, with a patient