How Aptos Threads Redefine the Facelift Experience

As we age, our skin changes, losing the taut, defined contours of youth and developing wrinkles and fine lines. Thanks to medical innovations, non-surgical procedures like Aptos threads have become a simple, safe way to turn back the hands of time. Treatments don’t have to be drastic – sometimes, all you want is a little rejuvenation.

The way you look in the mirror impacts how you feel about yourself. The Aptos thread lift delivers visible results almost immediately, without the need for anything more invasive than a local anaesthetic. Could this be the key to boosting your confidence and maintaining your youthful appearance? Let’s unpack whether the Aptos thread lifting methods are right for you.

What Are Aptos Threads?

If you remember the thread lift trend that became popular in the nineties, you already have a head start. The procedure has evolved a lot since then, of course, becoming more effective, safer, and more impactful. These days, Aptos threads come in many types, usually made from poly-L-lactic acid and polycaprolactone materials. Both are biodegradable and will dissolve over time once inserted, so no removal is necessary. The threads are extremely small and delicate to avoid any discomfort. The type of thread used in your treatment will be selected according to your skin type, target areas, and aesthetic goals.

As the name suggests, this treatment uses special surgical threads to create a kind of scaffolding to recreate structure in areas where sagging and wrinkles are developing. The threads reposition your skin, using tiny barbs to grip and gently lift it into place. The lifting effect rejuvenates the jawline or other areas prone to softening with age without plastic surgery or fillers. It also stimulates collagen production by triggering the body’s healing response, creating a lasting effect.

Minimally-Invasive Marvel: The Benefits of Aptos Threads

There are many reasons why Aptos threads are a good choice for many people. One major advantage is that the procedure is relatively quick: it takes around an hour, often less. There’s no need for an operating room; a trained doctor or aesthetic medical professional can perform the treatment under local anaesthesia. Because it’s minimally invasive, there isn’t usually a long recovery time, either. You may experience slight swelling and discomfort, but it should pass within 48 hours with gentle care.

The treatment has two benefits – the physical lifting and the rejuvenation of the skin that follows. You’ll see the results immediately, and things will improve as the collagen boost takes effect. It can also be safely used in conjunction with other aesthetic procedures. And, unlike many other non-surgical procedures, the effects are long-lasting – you’ll see the difference for up to five years!

Transform Your Look at Enamel Clinic

As with many other facial aesthetic procedures, dentists are able to use our thorough knowledge and understanding of facial anatomy to provide exceptional threading treatments. If you’re looking into Aptos threads in Cape Town, make Enamel Clinic your first port of call. Our aesthetic specialists will guide you through every step of the process with our top-notch equipment and premium approach to care.

Are you ready to unlock a more youthful look with Aptos threads? This will help you define your beauty and wellness goals and give us the opportunity to understand your skin’s unique needs. Schedule a consultation with our team and take the first step towards a refreshed look today!