How does a gum lift treatment work?

A gum lift treatment is a minor surgical procedure whereby our smile architects use laser technology to enhance the contour of your gum tissue. 

We minimize your discomfort during the procedure with our state-of-the-art digital platform for local anaesthesia, The Wand®,  a Computer-Assisted Anaesthesia System. 

In this blog, we will be exploring a treatment journey of a patient that completed her smile rehabilitation journey.

How does a gum lift work at Enamel Dentistry

Planning the smile rehabilitation

Dr Mark Bowes rehabilitated the patient’s smile by completing a fully guided gum lift, whitening, replacing an old crown, and neatening up the teeth edges with composite resin bonding.

To plan her treatment, Dr Bowes utilised the following tools:

  • Trios® digital intraoral scans
  • Digital Photographs
  • Orthophos® (3D) X-ray Cone Bean Technology (CBCT)
  • Digital Smile Design planning application

After consulting with the DSD planning centre in Madrid, Dr Bowes moved to the next phase of the treatment journey. 

Digital Smile Design planning

Enhancing the gum aesthetics with a gum lift treatment

Dr Bowes completed the gum lift by re-sculpting the patient’s gum line to expose more of her front upper teeth. This treatment is normally done either to address an aesthetic or oral hygiene concerns caused by gums. 

Crown treatment

After completing the gum lift, and whitening Dr Bowes replaced an old crown with an e.max Ceramic crown. Once completed, he neatened up the edges of the teeth with composite resin bonding, a process whereby composite resin material is applied directly to your teeth.

Before and After smile rehabilitations

Teeth Whitening: White Dental Beauty 

As part of the Lite Dentistry protocols, we enhance the shade of our patients’ teeth with the best whitening technology available. In this particular case, Dr Bowes used the White Dental Beauty Combination treatment. 

We provide patients with a kit that includes the following:

  • Scale
  • Polish
  • Custom-made trays
  • Whitening gel

(The gel contains an active sensitivity formula as well as NOVA® technology that provides instant results for a prolonged time)

Smile with confidence again

If you’re in need of confidence booster, we encourage you to book a smile rehabilitation consultation with one of our smile architects. Contact us today.

Gum Lift at Enamel Dentistry