How leading Cape Town dentist ensures patient comfort

Enamel Clinic Reception Area Seating

Enamel Clinic is a group of dentists committed to ensuring that all patients are comfortable and completely at ease whilst in the dental clinic

The design of the clinic took into account all patients, including those with health conditions, mobility impairments and young moms with strollers.

Here’s how we have set up our dental practice to ensure patient comfort, and a truly Enamel experience:

Wider corridors

Our passageways are wide enough to accommodate wheelchairs and strollers, without restricting foot traffic. This allows free movement around the practice, for everyone.


Our building is equipped with two elevators, with ample room – wheelchairs, strollers and walking aids comfortably fit into the space. Even if you’d rather bring your bike to your appointment, we’re here for it! Being an environmentally friendly clinic, we encourage eco-friendly modes of transport.

Flowing Architecture

Enamel Clinic has a flowing design

The architectural flow of the space adds much to the aesthetic, but it also allows ease of movement from one area to the next.

Accessible Restroom

We have a large restroom dedicated to patients with impaired mobility. They are fitted with appropriate aids to ensure optimum comfort and utility of the space, so it doubles as a restroom for parents with little children.

We care about our patients

We go the extra mile.

Designated bays for patients with impaired mobility means parking need never be an issue. We also provide assistance where needed. Once patients have completed surgical procedures, a member of staff assists them to the vehicle collecting them..

We’re also fortunate enough to have a driveway in front of our building, allowing cars to drive by and collect patients directly outside the building. 

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