Is your Dentistry fully Digital?

Everything about our lives is digital nowadays and your Dentistry should be the same.  From 3D scans, x-rays, designing, printing and milling, there are no areas that a digital workflow cannot work in Dentistry.  This means that you will get a well-planned and executed dental treatment.

Transparent panoramic and 3D dental x-ray many shots

What is Digital Dentistry?

Digital Dentistry is the computerized workflow that is used to collect information about your teeth, gums, bones, etc.  The tools we have at our disposal are 3D CBCT x-rays, 3D intra-oral scanning, digital photography, 3D printing, milling and more.  Once the information has been captured, the digital platforms then allow us to design your treatment extremely precisely.  Digital Smile Design offers you the ability to view what you could look like before anything has actually been done on your teeth.  Like a Before and After photo. You can also have a mockup put on your teeth to actually try it in before you start. Once you’re happy with the potential outcome, the digital workflow will then come into play in 3D printing of models and guides to aid in your treatment.  And, finally, you will have a fully 3D milled crown, bridge or prosthesis fitted that matches your original Smile Design exactly.

So how does Digital Dentistry help you, the Patient?

The Digital workflow in dentistry can leave you assured that only the least amount of tooth structure will be removed to give you the best outcome.  The fit of your crowns, fillings, bridges etc will be more precise than the original hand-made ones ever did. Also, you can feel safe in the knowledge that fully guided implant placement guarantees the positioning of the implant for the best restorative outcome.   Now doesn’t that make you actually want to have treatment done now?

Find a Dentist who works with a Full Digital Workflow.

Because the Digital age is expensive to get into, many dentists are not working with the full digital workflow completely yet.  This is why it is important to find out to what extent your dentist practices digital dentistry. 

Enamel Dentistry practices Full Digital Dentistry

At Enamel, Dr Mark Bowes is extremely passionate about how the Digital Dental Workflow can help you as the patient.  He and his team believe that doing the least amount of dentistry for the most amount of result can only be done using a digital protocol.  He is so passionate about it the he spearheaded the South African Digital Dentistry society and passionately teaches the workflow principals to other dentists around South Africa and the World.  Dr Bowes and Enamel Dental Practice are also the first practice in South Africa to be a Digital Smile Design clinic registered officially.

Intra-Oral Scan of Upper Jaw

So, if you are passionate about your teeth and getting the best results with the least amount of dentistry and a digital workflow, book an appointment at Enamel Dentistry now.  So just like our Hippocratic oath, the digital protocols allow us to “First, do no harm”.  Call Enamel now to book your digital dental check up.


By Dr Sheryl Smithies

Associate Dentist at Enamel Dentistry