Lite Dentistry: Light on Treatment -Maximized Smile Results.

Do you want a fantastic smile but scared it will mean a lot of treatment with a huge cost?  Now you don’t have to worry with the new Lite Dentistry option using Digital Smile Design and Enamel Dentistry.

Digital Smile Design Brings you Lite Dentistry option.

What is Lite Dentistry?

Lite Dentistry is a group of minimally invasive treatments that give you the best Smile you could possibly have by using the least amount of treatment.  And also keeping the costs down too! 

Lite Dentistry makes use of the most advanced digital products with artificial intelligence, collective knowledge and gives the best in treatment outcomes. The aim is to provide the most minimally invasive dental treatments combined together to give you the best Smile outcomes. All for a much smaller cost than before!

What treatments are included in Lite Dentistry Treatments?

The aim of Lite Dentistry is to pack a punch on results with minimal steps of treatment.  

Clear Aligner therapy is used to move slightly skew teeth into better positions for bonding.

Then, using our Digital Smile Design tools we will then bond composite onto your teeth either by injection moulding (our latest technique) or by hand layering to achieve your best smile outcome. 

We also do teeth whitening to get your teeth to the shade you’d like before we do the bonding.

If you need any other treatments like crowns for example, these can be considered where necessary. 

And most importantly Minimal Damage is Done to your teeth.

How do I know I am a candidate for Lite Dentistry?

Do you have natural teeth that have always bothered you?  They might be a little skew or a little worn down?  See our cases below to get an idea of whether you may be a candidate and then Book an appointment with one of our Smile Designers who can see if Lite Dentistry would work for you.

Case Number 1:

This patient didn’t like her worn down smile.  Even though her teeth were her natural teeth, she wanted them to be a bit straighter and a better shape.  We used Clear Smile Aligners to align the teeth into a position for better bonding.  Once we did that, our patient opted to go straight for bonding as she didn’t want to whiten her teeth at this time.  We used a new Injection Moulding technique in this case.  All in all, treatment time was about 3 months of aligners and then 1 appointment for the bonding.

Before and After Aligner Therapy Case 1.
Before and After Bonding for Case 1.

Case Number 2:

This lovely lady felt that she needed a little tweak to her smile. This case only took 6 Clear Smile Aligners (12 weeks of alignment) and we used a Digital Smile Design for the bonding on her lateral incisors and canines to get such a great result. Absolutely minimal treatment gives such a dramatic result, don’t you think?

Before and After Lite Dentistry (6 Aligners and Bonding of 4 teeth)

Call Enamel today for your Lite Dentistry Consultation. See how a Lite treatment can do wonders for your smile too!