Making Enamel Dentistry Your Safe Space

At Enamel Dentistry, we have always had your safety covered, but we have implemented a comprehensive set of globally approved health and safety measures for your convenience and wellbeing.

Prior to each physical visit to the practice, every patient will be requested to complete an online health questionnaire from the safety of their home. This is a screening strategy that ensures that the practice remains a safe space as much as possible.

We have also placed hand sanitiser stations at our entrance for your convenience, with a mandatory temperature check for each patient upon arrival. Our friendly staff, afterward, will direct each patient to a specific chair in the waiting room. The chairs are always positioned to maintain social distancing and will be cleaned in-between patients on a regular basis.

True to our longstanding status as Global Ambassadors of the Slow Dentistry movement, we have made a time allowance between sessions for thorough cleaning and disinfection of each surgery in between each patient. We are dental professionals well trained in cross infection – meaning we are fully equipped to deal with numerous infectious diseases, and we adhere to the highest standards of hygiene and cleaning.

To ensure optimal hygiene and safety in our practice:

  • All common areas will be cleaned continuously during the day.
  • Our Dentists and assistants will be wearing additional layers of Personal Protective Equipment.
  • We have installed safety glass panels at the reception
  • Patients will be able to pay using SnapScan, EFT, or credit card.  
  • All invoices, new patient forms, etc. will be sent electronically.

We are also offering virtual consultations, so patients can chat to us about their dental concerns from the comfort of their own homes.

All these measures have been put in place for your protection. We are committed to your health and believe through these adjustments every visit you make will be not only pleasant but safe too.

We look forward to welcoming new or recurring patients.