Nature knows best when it comes to teeth!

Ever looked at some shows or movies and had a thought that everyone has the same type of smile?  Big, unbelievably white teeth all standing in a row with absolutely no character (think George Clooney or Simon Cowell).  For years the “Hollywood” smile has been in vogue and thank goodness it has now run its course.  The advancement of technology in Dentistry to include Artificial intelligence and Smile Simulation as well as doing Collective Intelligence, amongst other tools in the planning of the case only allows for the most natural outcome possible.

Celebrity with really Large, ridiculously White crowns.
Another celebrity, this time female, with the exact same type of smile as the male above.

What is a Natural Restoration?

Remember when you were younger, before all the stress and wear and tear on your teeth?  Your teeth had natural little quirks in the shape and they had little “bumps” called mammolons.  We call this Morphology.  Also, the colour probably wasn’t bleached bright and white.  A natural restoration tries to mimic the original shapes that teeth should have. You can still have them whiter but we choose a more natural type of white. 

Nature gave us beautiful shapes so we strive to recreate them. These natural restorations are then designed to fit your face and stature. We measure a number of factors of your face and teeth and create a tooth shape that best suits you. And if you want, we can copy someone else’s teeth if you really like their smile!

Why do I want Natural Restorations?

By using the most advanced digital workflows starting in the DSD App we can create the best smile for you. Our workflows use Artificial intelligence in the initial Digital Smile Design. This allows you, as the patient, to view an idea of the type of smile we want to create for you. Once we’ve done this, we then employ collective intelligence by consulting with International Colleagues in Spain to finalize the design of your new teeth. Our local laboratory will then use this 3D design to print models and ultimately make your final crowns or veneers or direct composite restorations.


Original, before Treatment
Digitally Designed and Manufactured Digital Restortations

So how do I go about getting Natural Restorations?

At Enamel Dentistry we use the most advanced software and International Collective Intelligence to create the perfect, natural smile for you.  We take your face shape and size into account so that we give you teeth that are a perfect fit for your face.  We would never make them too big or too long, they will fit naturally as if you’d always had them.  And, of course, the morphology will be so life-like, no one will be able to tell they aren’t your own….

Beautiful new smile with Complete Digital Workflows

Can I test drive my smile first?

Yes, most definitely!  Once we are happy with the Digital Smile Design that is done internationally, we will do a mock up in your mouth.  This is a painless experience and we put a mimic of the actual outcome onto your teeth so that you can have a look at them and see how they fit your mouth and face.  This is the very best way to trial them before we do anything to your teeth!

How can I have a test drive done?

Book a consult with one of our skilled Smile Designers and we will take photos and scans of your teeth.  Once the software design has been done in Spain, we will then book your mockup appointment for you to test your new natural smile!

By Dr Sheryl Smithies

Associate Dental Smile Designer at Enamel Dentistry.