Dr. David Huson

Dr Dave Huson is a restorative dentistry dentist, inspired by a biomimetic approach to dentistry and better ways to fix and restore teeth.

Practicing at Enamel Clinics, Dr Huson is proudly at the forefront of biomimetics in South Africa – a restorative, minimally invasive and maximally conservative approach to dentistry – and prides himself on creating lots of happy smiles.

Dr Huson completed the Biomimetic Mastership through the Alleman Institute (Utah, USA); in 2022. In the same year he was elected to represent South Africa and the African continent as a Bio_Emulation ambassador. He is involved with the Australian-based dental education company, Ripe Global; lecturing and offering mentorship in biomimetic restorative dentistry to clinicians from around the world enrolled in their programs. 

Dr Huson is passionate about saving tooth structure and respecting the natural oral design. The ethos of using adhesion to reduce aggressive tooth preparations is intrinsic to his craft. He is currently assisting in a contribution towards research related to the study of colour science in aesthetic dentistry with one of the founding members of Bio_Emulation.


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