Dr Sheryl Smithies

Dr Sheryl Smithies is relocating to Cape Town from Durban, where she has been in private practice in Musgrave since she completed her community service in Dentistry in 2005. She practised under Dr Smith, a dentist who mentored her in many aspects of the industry. With his guidance, she became a good all-rounder in dentistry, with treatments ranging from basic restorations to root treatments, crown and bridge, and prosthetic dentistry.

During her time with Dr Smith, Sheryl attended many courses in basic dentistry nationally. She also started out with restoration of dental implants and attended many congresses on this topic. In 2008 she completed the Allergan basic Dermal Fillers and Botox(r) course. It was this course that opened her eyes not only to what facial aesthetics were possible but how the face and the teeth work together when treating dental and facial aesthetics.

Dr Sheryl Smithies opened The Smile Emporium, her own private practice in Musgrave in 2011. By being in her own practice she was then able to expand on her skills and really hone the types of treatment with a more aesthetic drive. She has completed many full rehabilitations both on natural teeth as well as with implants. She has been a member of the International Team of Implantology and has attended many international implant courses including the latest in minimally invasive implant techniques with the Versah protocol. She did an internship at Cochin Implant Institute where she learned the very necessary skills of surgically placing implants. In her view, implantology is a treatment that can be done simultaneously as part of a smile design treatment rather than just a treatment for a missing tooth.

Also during the years she has completed many advanced facial aesthetic seminars. She has completed the Allergan internship in 2017 and has been doing advanced botulinum toxin, facial fillers, micro needling and vampire facial treatments in her practice.

Sheryl has attended a number of Dr Mark Bowes courses on minimally invasive dentistry and digital smile design over the years. He really sparked a passion in her for doing her rehabilitative treatments more carefully and precisely. She has spent the last 5 years using the DSD principals in all of her treatment planning giving the best treatment options to her patients.

2019 has already seen Dr Sheryl busy with more advanced facial aesthetics and she is now an accredited Aptos and Princess thread lifting practitioner. She is looking forward to becoming part of the Enamel team and giving the best minimally invasive aesthetic dental and facial treatments in a caring environment.

Dr Sheryl is currently a member of SADA and the HPCSA.


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