Dr Sonja Britz

Dr Sonja Britz qualified as a dentist from the University of Pretoria in 2005 and completed her community service the following year. In 2007, she started working in a private group practice in Pretoria. Endodontics and oral surgery are two subjects in dentistry that really appeal to her which she has focused on throughout her career thus far. Assisting in theatre on a weekly basis since working in private practice encouraged her to complete a postgraduate diploma in oral surgery in 2012, during that time also doing session work at the University. In 2015 and 2016 she completed a 14-month basic implantology and soft tissue augmentation course, relocated to Cape Town, and became a member of the international team for implantology. She drives herself to save a tooth above replacing it with an alternative, which prompted her to recently complete her diploma in endodontics through the University of Pretoria.

In her spare time, Dr Britz enjoys doing endurance running. Her approach to doing a root canal treatment is inspired by how she approaches these runs. According to her, “How you start will determine how you finish. Slow and steady will eventually help you to achieve the goal”.

She loves the challenge and effort it takes to succeed. Continuous education is very important to her, including being part of a dental family where she can share knowledge, advice, and learn from those that have more experience than her. She enjoys her work and loves what she does and hopes her passion is visible to those she helps.


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