Veneers case study using Digital Smile Design

The New Digital Smile Design and Natural Restoration process is a game changer for your veneer treatment.  The process starts with a Digital Smile Design which is finalized in Spain and Brazil according to Natural Restoration shapes.  You can test drive this new smile before any treatment is done to make sure you are happy with the design you will ultimately have.  Once this design is accepted, we can then go ahead and start the minimally invasive treatment of preparing your teeth for your beautiful, new and natural veneers. 

Extreme care is taken when preparing your teeth so that not too much natural tooth structure is cut away.  Also, the process of bonding your new veneers is done with the utmost care so that no leakage should be expected.

Why would you choose Natural Restorations?  Your mouth and face are entirely unique.  This is why you should have a unique smile design too.  Gone are the days of the huge white teeth, now we want refined, beautifully shaped teeth.

Contact us for a DSD consult for Natural Restorations to see what can be done for your smile in the least invasive manner.