We are the Catalyst in YOUR smile transformation

As a dental clinic, we understand the impact smile makeovers have on people’s lives.

This transformative process enables our patients to regain confidence not only in how their smile looks; it radically boosts their self-confidence and self-esteem as well.

Because we pride ourselves in transforming people’s lives for the better with our work, we have made it our goal to offer more than just ordinary dentistry. Therefore, when you choose Enamel Clinic, we strive to give you life-changing dentistry because we believe that not all dentistry is equal.

What sets Enamel Clinic apart from other dental clinics?

Our Passion for Changing Lives

Every day we are driven by our passion for giving our patients a new lease on life through exceptional dentistry. Nothing brings more joy and motivation to our team than seeing the emotional impact of a smile makeover on our patients as they appreciate their new smile in the mirror. It’s a beautiful experience we love recreating for each patient who walks through our practice doors.

Example of successful smile transformation
An example of how a smile makeover can change patients’ lives.

Our Unique Approach to Dentistry

At Enamel Clinic, we always go the extra mile to deliver patient-friendly world-class dental experiences. Driven by the three core elements of our practice philosophy, Function, Aesthetics and Biology, our talented team of dental experts strives to achieve the best treatment outcomes while preserving our patient’s natural tooth structure.

Furthermore, as a Slow Dentistry Clinic, we prioritise providing our patients with safe, non-invasive dentistry. This approach enables us to produce excellent results without compromising the safety, comfort and good health of the people who matter most to us – our patients.  

Enamel Clinic principal directors and smile transformation architects
Our Principal Directors, Dr Mark Bowes and Dr Howard Gluckman, work tirelessly to ensure our clinic continues to deliver unequalled dentistry that enhances our patients’ lives.

What makes us the Catalyst for Your Smile Transformation?

At Enamel Clinic, we bring our energy and creativity to every smile transformation. Thanks to this unique approach, our treatments enable you to experience your life in a significantly more vibrant and confident way.

We drive this powerful transformation thanks to our dedication to the following:

  • Our Relationships: We believe every relationship we build matters. This is the reason why we ensure that every appointment is a warm and friendly experience for our patients. As a multidisciplinary clinic, we value teamwork. Across our different departments, we share a deep love for our work and the people we do it for.
Enamel Clinic oral hygienists involved in smile transformations
Our professional team of oral hygienists love engaging with our patients and building long lasting relationships
  • Original Experiences: Enamel Clinic is not your average dental clinic. This fact means every experience at our clinic is consistently above average. Enthusiasm electrifies everything we do, and we believe in the treatments we offer. We’ve tried them all ourselves!
  • Our Reliable Approach: We quality check each of our treatments using DSD’s 5 Smile Makeover Standards. Thanks to these golden standards, you are guaranteed that the final results you get are exactly what you experienced during your smile test drive. As a DSD certified clinic, our mandate is to ensure you get a world-class smile makeover without compromising your time, money and wellbeing.
  • Our Technology: We ensure that our clinic has the latest modern equipment available. Equipping ourselves with the newest technology in our field enables us to give our patients a comfortable treatment experience and ensure that the outcomes are precise and predictable. As a result, we save our patients’ valuable time and money and deliver mistake-free treatments.

Are You Ready for Your Life-changing Smile Transformation?

If you are, we are the clinic for you! Make 2022 the year you experience unmatched dentistry as you become the best version of yourself. Let’s be a part of your smile transformation journey.

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