What front-end dental technology do we offer?

Technology is significantly transforming the dental industry by enabling dentists to perform treatments in a productive, accurate, and minimally invasive way. Moreover, dental technology helps us to connect with patients and to appeal to the emotional aspects of dentistry.

Dental Technology at Enamel Dentistry with Dr Mark Bowes

We offer top dental technology at Enamel Dentistry:

Digital Dentistry

Digital Smile Design is an approach to dentistry that sets us apart from other dental practices. We use front-end technology to provide more precise diagnostics and treatment planning. Our smile architects, together with collective intelligence from the DSD planning centre in Madrid, can predict the outcome of your smile rehabilitation. We use 2D and 3D impressions, to accurately assess the different aspects of your smile to guide our team during the implementation phase.   

The best part, you can feel and see your new smile before we’ve even started, using a 3D mock-up print produced in practice.  

3D printing

This process involves us printing a three-dimensional replica of your completed smile using a 3D file provided by the planning centre in Madrid. Most importantly, this is the chance for you to see how your smile complements your facial features, and how it makes you feel.

Dr Sheryl Smithies Digital Smile Design practitionar

Digital Anaesthesia

Long gone are the days of intimidating syringes and painful injections during dental appointments. With The Wand® digital anaesthesia instrument, we provide our patients with anxiety-free and pain-free dentistry. In our blog article, “What is Digital Anaesthesia?”, we provide more information about this technology and how it will change your perception of dentistry. Read it here.

Intraoral scanner

During your first consultation with our team, we use the 3Shape Trios Intraoral scanner to assess your oral health, including identifying problem areas more prominently. We can also use the impressions from the scanner to create crowns, clear aligners, veneers and a bridge. This technology also helps us to assess your current bone structure, teeth health, and plan smile rehabilitations.

Dr Mark Bowes intraoral scanner

Virtual consultations

An easy way to get to know us before visiting the practice. During your complimentary virtual consultation, our team can assess your X-rays, impressions, or images and discuss your concerns and goals.

Digital photography

Before our smile architects start designing your dream smile, we take photographs of your current smile to capture all aspects. Furthermore, we will discuss the aesthetic aspects of your smile and how you envision your new smile. And the best part of this technology? After we’ve completed your smile, you’ll have a chance to compare your old and new smile with our advanced photography skills.

3D Digital X-rays

To provide advanced smile rehabilitations, implant and restorative cases, Dr Bowes and Dr Smithies use 3D X-Rays. This is possible with the Orthophos® SL machine that generates 3D images of your teeth, soft tissue, nerve pathways and bone in a single scan. Furthermore, our team of endodontists use this advanced piece of technology for root canal diagnostics and treatment.  

3D Digital X-Rays using Dental Technology

Why should you consider becoming a patient at Enamel Dentistry?

  • Your perception of dentistry will change. Our team provides you with more precise, minimally invasive, and time-sensitive dental treatments.
  • Convenience. Before coming into the practice, our team can connect with you via a virtual consultation.
  • Informed consent. We ensure that you know exactly what is planned and how we’re planning to implement our range of technology. This forms part of the cornerstones of being a Slow Dentistry clinic.
  • Leading team of dentists. Lead by Dr Bowes, our team of professionals can help you decide the best course of action to maintain and preserve your oral health and aesthetics.
Enamel Dentistry team, Cape Town

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