What is patient ‘digitisation’, and how does it work?

Close your eyes and imagine a life where you don’t have to constantly think about your teeth and how to hide them… Fact: Your smile should look good, be healthy, and make you feel confident. This is possible with proper planning during the Digitisation phase of the smile makeover journey.

Digitisation is the first phase of a smile makeover journey. At Enamel Dentistry we approach your smile in an unique manner.

At Enamel Dentistry, we provide bespoke smile makeovers according to our Digital Smile Design quality standards. We create high-quality smiles using years of experience and advanced techniques. The first step in your smile journey involves digitisation. If you would like to book your consultation, contact us today.

What is digitisation, and why do we do it?

If you think about an architect that designs a dream house, he/she will need to collect extensive data to create blueprints before building the actual structure. Our smile designers follow the exact same process with your smile, starting with digitisation.

Digitisation is a process whereby our smile architects collect your one-of-a-kind data using front-end technology. This includes photography, videography including 2D and 3D impressions. Our team will then analyse the data and plan your new smile with comfort, safety, accuracy, and speed in mind.

What type of technology do we use to gather patient information?

Our team will gather your information in the following ways:

Photos, video footage and impressions from the intra oral scanner is part of the digitisation phase of a smile makeover

We take photos and video footage of your smile from different angles taking into account the dimensions of your facial features for harmony and balance. We discuss your current challenges and vision for your new smile.

Our Trios Intra-oral scan provides a 3D impression of your teeth and jaw to determine factors like oral health, including gum recession or wearing down of teeth due to grinding.

X-rays and using a CT scan is part of the digitisation phase of your smile makeover

X-rays help us to understand the position of your teeth. This enables us to realise the available possibilities for creating a new smile.

A Cone Beam CT scan is used to get an extensive look at your teeth, soft tissues, nerve pathways, and bone in a single scan. Cone beam CT has the advantage of lower radiation exposure compared to conventional CT.

Benefits of digitisation

But why should you care about digitalisation?

  • We use your unique dental information to create a custom-made treatment plan.
  • We provide high-quality results as we consider each possible avenue during your treatment journey.
  • Our experienced team will only use the best dental technology to perform minimally invasive treatments. This can provide you with peace of mind in your decision to trust us with this life-changing treatment.
Digitisation is the first step to your dream smile

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We don’t treat you as a set of teeth but as a whole person. There are many dental clinics that deliver smile makeovers. Without the quality assurances of the Smile Makeover Standards, however, you risk getting a smile that is poorly designed, which can negatively affect your health, your time, your confidence, and your money.

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