What is Tooth Wear?

Tooth wear is a condition that affects most people to varying degrees.  Over time the structure of your teeth can wear down and chip depending on how you use them and how much force you put onto them.  There are also conditions and habits that cause it to occur more quickly and can lead to massive tooth structure loss.

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Can I reverse the effects?

No, tooth wear can’t, in itself, be reversed.  It can be halted relatively by having a night guard made. This will contribute to stopping the habits that are causing the tooth wear.  The tooth structure that has already been lost, though, cannot be replaced naturally.  Unfortunately, one would need dental intervention to build back what is lost either with composite filling material or porcelain.  This is what we would call a dental rehabilitation.

Wearing down of the chewing surfaces of the back teeth.

Can You Monitor Tooth Wear?

Yes, you can!  We now have 3D intra-oral scanners that we can scan your teeth for you every time you have a dental checkup.  We can then compare the models digitally to quantify how much tooth wear may have happened in a time period.

What Conditions Make Tooth Wear Worse?

The most common conditions and habits include are tooth grinding or Bruxism and tooth clenching.  These are habits that cause you to keep your teeth touching together for long periods of time during which your tooth structure gets worn away.  Other conditions include reflux conditions, bulimia and diets high in acidic foods (lemon water or cider vinegar too).

How Can I Check if I have Tooth Wear?

A visit to your dentist will allow the dentist to check to see if you do have any wear and to what extent. A 3D intra-oral scan of your teeth can be taken so that you can start to monitor how quickly the wear rate is going and whether something should be done about it now.

How Do I Fix my Tooth Wear?

Treating this is getting easier and less invasive as the new technology gets better and better.  Depending on how bad your tooth wear is, you may just want to protect the teeth so that it doesn’t get much worse too quickly by having a personalized night guard made.  This is a small plastic appliance that is worn when you sleep to protect your teeth from grinding or clenching during the night. 

What is Tooth Wear
Tooth wear before treatment
Tooth wear after treatment

If your wear is more severe, we would then suggest that you consider having your teeth rehabilitated.  This can be done by having a Digital Design of your teeth made.  Then by placing overlays on the back teeth and veneers or crowns on the front teeth to protect them and build up what is missing.  We can use either composite, porcelain or zirconia materials to complete your rehabilitation.  These options would be discussed with you at your appointment with the relative costs involved.

Can I Book and Appointment to check this?

Book your appointment at Enamel Dentistry to check to see if you do have any tooth wear.  We will take a 3D intra-oral scan so we can start to compare how your wear progresses over the years.  We can also make you a night guard to protect your teeth or discuss your rehabilitation options with you.  Book your consultation now 021 418 2048.