Where can I whiten my teeth in Cape Town?

Over time the natural shade of our teeth can change colour. The change of shade is due to the type of food we eat, our lifestyle habits, and how we maintain our oral health routine. Philips Zoom! teeth whitening is the optimal solution for enhancing the shade of your teeth safely and effectively. 

Zoom! teeth whitening in Cape Town to help whiten the shade of your teeth

In this blog, we’ll provide more information about Zoom! Whitening, answer typical questions our patients have about this treatment and what benefits there are.

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More about Zoom! Teeth Whitening technology

The Philips Zoom! teeth whitening treatment combines a hydrogen peroxide gel that we apply to your teeth and an LED light to complete the bleaching process using a LED light. With this technology, we can lighten the shade up to 8 shades whiter in just 45 minutes.

How would a typical Zoom teeth whitening procedure look?

When you’re ready for your first in-practice teeth whitening treatment, we recommend booking a consultation with our team first. The consult will help us assess your case to determine the best solution that accommodates your needs and lifestyle. We recommend that patients 16 years and older consider teeth whitening to enhance their smile.

Furthermore, we recommend a dental cleaning before your teeth whitening treatment to ensure all teeth are free from plaque, calculus, and surface stains.

Your stress-free teeth whitening appointment will start with a gel application that will be left on your teeth while we use the Philips Zoom Whitespeed LED light. After that, we remove the gel and then reapply a new layer and reuse the LED light. This process is repeated about three times for 15 minutes. Applying the gel helps to remineralise and desensitise your teeth during the bleaching process.

Jolandi at Enamel Dentistry uses Zoom! teeth whitening treatments for  brighter smiles.

Jolandi will help make your teeth whitening treatment comfortable and effective.

What are the benefits of Zoom! teeth whitening treatments?

Benefits of Zoom! teeth whitening include:

  • Your smile will appear healthier and younger.
  • The treatment can remove stains on your teeth caused by fizzy drinks, coffee, wine, amongst other things.
  • It can is used as an incentive to spoil yourself after you’ve kicked the smoking habit.
  • When you feel confident about your smile, you are more likely to look after your oral health in general.
  • The treatment costs are relatively inexpensive in comparison with other cosmetic procedures.

Will my Zoom! teeth whitening treatment hurt?

During your first consultation, we will discuss your tendency for teeth sensitivity. We can block out areas and apply a controlled amount during treatment to ensure your appointment is comfortable.

Our team can also apply a special gel before and after your treatment that can desensitise your teeth. In most cases, patients experience little to no sensitivity. If you are more prone to teeth sensitivity, a natural or light painkiller is recommended.

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