Who is the Best Dentist in Cape Town?

Dr Mark Bowes is considered one of the best dentists in Cape Town. 

Dr Mark Bowes is considered one of the best dentists in Cape Town.

Recently recognised as the Digital Dentist of the Year (2020) and one of the Top 100 Dentists (2021), Dr Bowes has a clear passion to help enhance people’s smiles to restore their confidence. He continuously shares his broad knowledge with other dental professionals, making him a well-known figure in the dental community.

Dental journey: From Johannesburg to London and back

After completing his Bachelors in Dentistry and specialising in Aesthetic Dentistry, Dr Bowes decided to continue his professional journey by emigrating to London to practice further.  

After 23 years, he decided to return to South Africa and has now since been the Clinical Director of Enamel Dentistry.

One of Dr Bowes’s greatest achievements was being the Congress President for the World International Federation of Esthetic Dentistry (IFED) held in 2015 in Cape Town. This was considered as one of the most successful international dental meetings ever held in Africa. Since then, Dr Bowes has been lecturing and teaching DSD courses and other Aesthetic dentistry-related topics both in South Africa and internationally.

Dr Mark Bowes, use only the best dental technology to treat his patients.

Ambassadorships & Affiliations

Dr Bowes is currently representing Slow Dentistry and Humble Smile Foundation.

Due to this association, Enamel Dentistry is recognised as a Slow Dentistry Clinic and a Humble Clinic.

Dr Mark Bowes holds different positions and achievements: 

Dr Mark Bowes is a DSD master whic

Affiliation with Digital Smile Design and approach to dentistry

As part of his notable interest for Aesthetic dentistry, Dr Bowes decided to complete the residency and other related courses associated with Digital Smile Design and is now recognised as a DSD Master and Instructor due to his years of practising this way. 

Dr Bowes is the first dentist to introduce this idea/concept to South African patients. The DSD philosophy guides dental professionals to develop a dream smile using advanced technology which complements the aesthetic and functional side of dentistry. This while using minimally invasive techniques. 

Enamel Dentistry is currently the only DSD clinic in Africa, which contributes to the bespoke services that Dr Bowes and his team can offer patients. 

Become a patient at Enamel Dentistry

At Enamel Dentistry, we welcome local and international patients. Dr Bowes and his team are passionate about helping new and returning patients rehabilitate their smiles. Choose the best dentist in Cape Town, Book Now