Why do we collaborate with specialists to plan your smile makeover treatment?

As a certified Digital Smile Design (DSD) Clinic, we use Digital Treatment Planning to design and plan perfect smile makeover cases for our patients. This process involves us collaborating with a team of specialists at the DSD Planning Centre.

Smile Makeover Dr Mark Bowes Digital Treatment planning

In this blog, you will read more about our third smile makeover standard called Digital Treatment Planning. Moreover, you will familiarise yourself with the process we follow to exchange information, the benefits of collective intelligence, and how patients experience this process. If you’re interested in discussing this in more detail, book your free virtual consultation.

Collaborating with specialists to plan your smile makeover

Our practice offers bespoke dental treatments using advanced technology and minimally invasive treatments. We believe that leading dental clinics also collaborate with experts to get the best results for patients.

We utilize the collective intelligence of multiple dental specialists at the Planning Centre in Madrid, to ensure optimal changes during a smile rehabilitation considering Function, Aesthetics and Biology. For example, Dr Mark Bowes, a DSD master, collaborates with the planning centre with every case to refine the best possible smile results.

How would a typical collaboration with the DSD planning centre work?

Dr Bowes is a firm believer in sharing collective knowledge with the planning centre. This ensures he can provide the best possible treatment outcome for his patients.  

But how does the process of collaboration work? First, we start your smile makeover journey by collecting all your data (also known as the digitisation phase). This includes scans, impressions, photos, and video. After that, we’ll create a 3D facial design. Finally, we send all the information we’ve gathered to the planning centre in Madrid.

Digital Treatment Planning - we share collective intelligence with the DSD planning centre in Madrid

In minor cases, we’ll send your intraoral scans, photos, or video. In addition, if we need to insert implants or complete additional dental preparation before starting treatment, our smile architects will send your CBCT scans to the planning centre team.

From there, the planning centre will process the data captured on the DSD planning app. From there, they will design a 3D mock-up of your new smile. Additionally, they will provide our team with a detailed presentation of your new smile. Finally, your new smile is presented in different angles using the images we captured in the first phase. This way, you can see how your new smile will look like after we’ve concluded with treatment.


Front view of a smile make over treatment planning
Digital Smile Design treatment planning Dr Mark Bowes

The prime objective of any cosmetic dentistry case is to plan the best version of a smile by considering Aesthetics, Biology, and Function. Planning a smile using these three main aspects as a guide sets us apart from other dental practices. Most importantly, we are the only clinic in South Africa with access to this type of advanced planning.

What benefits does the DSD planning centre offer our patients?

If you choose to rehabilitate your smile with us, you will enjoy these benefits:

  • We decide on the best way to approach your treatment plan with years of collective dental experience in our team.
  • Your smile makeover can include many types of treatments. We plan, in collaboration with the planning centre team, who specialise in that specific procedure.
  • Our team connects virtually with different specialists from a wide range of countries to connect and plan your smile.
  • We work with a team of experts to design your treatment. Moreover, to quality check the mock-up digitally before starting with the treatment.
Dr Mark Bowes cosmetic Dentist smile makeover end result

Patients who have completed their smile journey with us are always impressed with our meticulous planning to achieve guaranteed results. To conclude, if you’re interested in starting your smile makeover journey with us, book your free smile makeover today!