Yawn……….Are you sleeping well during Lockdown?

Your sleep, like breathing, is probably one of the most important bodily functions for overall health.  And good sleep is so important for your immune system to function at its best.  So how are you actually sleeping at the moment?  Is the emotional and financial stress of this time overwhelming you to a point that you can’t sleep?

According to a study in the US 70% of adults suffer from sleep disorders at one or another time in their life.  And I am sure that stat is much worse now.  Sleep disorders range from difficulty falling asleep, difficulty staying asleep and other functional issues that affect your sleep quality.  If you’re struggling with sleep it should be a priority to have a diagnosis made.  Now’s the best time to get your body working optimally to ward off infections.

What causes poor sleep conditions?

Stress, diet, hormone imbalances are some of the physiological reasons for sleep problems.  A visit to your doctor could help diagnose and treat any such issues.

What can your dentist do if you have a sleep problem?

Dentists can diagnose and treat some sleep problems like sleep apnoea and snoring.  Both of these issues can cause detrimental effects on your whole life if you have one of them.

What happens to cause sleep apnoea or snoring?

The position of your jaw plays a very big role in keeping your airways open for good breathing.  In some people the jaw relaxes back and closes off the airway partially and sometimes fully at times.  This presents mostly as snoring but can also be sleep apnoea.  There are other predisposing conditions like body weight that also play a role.  But jaw positioning is the most obvious and easily treated.  If you don’t get good oxygen to your lungs, you will never be on best form during your waking hours.  Your whole body needs good oxygen during sleep to be at its peak during the day.

How do you treat sleep apnoea or snoring?

A dentist will make you a customized appliance that you will fit into your mouth every night before you go to sleep.  This appliance will help reposition your jaw into a position that air can flow through your airway unobstructed.  No more snoring!

Call us if you think you might need a device to help with snoring or sleep apnoea.  We want to keep your sleep as restful and restorative as possible to boost your immune system.

By Dr Sheryl Smithies

Associate Dentist at Enamel Dentistry