Your Smile Influences Your Success

Did you know that subconsciously your smile plays a huge role in how successful you are in business and in your personal life?   A great smile is the best first impression.

How does a Smile influence my business success?

When someone sees a good business plan or good business idea, the person delivering the idea will get the job more often if they have a stunning smile rather than someone with an average smile.  Studies show that if a positive attribute is noted by someone, the person believes that there are more positive attributes to that person.  Edward Thorndike noted this and called it the “Halo Effect”. So every little attribute adds up in their view of your overall capabilities.

And is my beautiful smile really that important?

Yes, of all the research done on which physical attribute is linked most to success, it is your beautiful smile.  A big, bright smile will get you further in business than your actual capabilities might sometimes.

And does my smile influence my personal life like this?

Yes, most definitely.  Ever stolen a glance at someone across a room and they smiled a big smile at you?  You would be far more inclined to speak with them subconsciously than if they smiled a close-lipped smile or covered their smile.  Being open and smiling is like a body language magnet.

So if I have an ugly smile I wouldn’t be successful?

No, we aren’t saying that at all, but body language is so subtle and so powerful.  If you are self-conscious about your smile you naturally won’t smile a big friendly smile at people.  You may be someone who smiles with your lips closed so as not to show your teeth or you smile but cover it with a hand.  All of these gestures make you slightly more closed off to people in a body language sense.  It’s not that you won’t be successful, but imagine just how successful you could be with a smashing smile!

Can I do something about my smile now?

Yes, there are so many options ranging from Digital Smile Design and clear aligner orthodontics to simple whitening to help you achieve the spectacular smile you’ve always wanted.  We, at Enamel, are here to show you the options and guide you through the process of choosing what is best to give you that spectacular smile.  Even during lockdown we can give you a plan to Smile about.

Call us to book an appointment.  Your new smile might be just around the corner!

By Dr Sheryl Smithies

Associate Dentist at Enamel Dentistry