Enamel Dentistry, your smile rehabilitation clinic of choice

Dr Mark Bowes is one of the smile architects at Enamel Dentistry, a smile rehabilitation clinic

What is a smile rehabilitation clinic? 

As Digital Smile Design architects, we offer smile rehabilitation, focusing on design, planning, presentation and performance. As the only DSD clinic in Africa, we utilise collective intelligence from around the globe, including a partnership with the smile planning centre in Madrid.

Rehabilitate your smile to restore your confidence

What is a smile rehabilitation/makeover?

Our team’s ultimate goal is to improve the overall oral health and natural aesthetics of your smile. We consider how form and function work together to complete your smile. 

As part of the rehabilitation process, we incorporate Lite Dentistry principles. This simply means that we use minimally invasive techniques to align and aesthetically adjust your teeth. 

Since we incorporate a digital-first approach, you can see and feel your smile before we even start with your rehabilitation.  Once your smile has been designed, you get to feel a mock up to “test drive” your new smile and decide if you feel comfortable with the result.

We consider the emotional impact your smile rehabilitation will have, and throughout the journey, you’ll have input in the process.

Meet our smile rehabilitation team:

Dr Mark Bowes is a Digital Smile Design Master and Instructor. As a DSD master, he has a complete understanding of digital and clinical workflows. This knowledge base includes interdisciplinary, facially driven dentistry and using the DSDApp, DSD Planning Center, and DSD Lab in his daily work.

Dr Sheryl Smithies is a registered Digital Smile Design practitioner, and she consistently attends different courses from the DSD network. Dr Smithies works closely with Dr Bowes on rehabilitation cases.

Dr Mark Bowes and Dr Sheryl Smithies are registered DSD practitionars. Enamel Dentistry is one of registered Digital Smile Design clinics.

How do I qualify for a smile makeover?

 You qualify for a makeover if: 

  • You struggle to smile confidently.
  • Experience discomfort with your cosmetic set up of your teeth. 
  • Have experienced trauma that changed the aesthetics of your teeth.

 If any of the above describes your situation, we highly recommend that you book a consultation with our team. 

How do I get started with my smile rehabilitation?

During your initial consultation with either Dr Bowes or Dr Smithies, you’ll have the chance to discuss your concerns, whereby they’ll make suggestions about what can and needs to be rehabilitated. 

You will also get the opportunity to digitally envision the potential of your new smile. Once you’ve decided to move ahead with the treatment plan, we’ll generate a fitment of your new smile, and you’ll be able to feel and see your new smile. 

Our practice is based in Greenpoint Cape Town, and we welcome local and international patients. 

We’re passionate about restoring your smile confidence, book your smile makeover consultation today.