Smile Test Drive: How we put YOU in control of your smile makeover

Sometimes it can be challenging to understand what treatments are involved in a smile makeover journey or imagine what your new smile might look like on you.

As a Digital Smile Design Clinic, we have five Smile Makeover Standards to ensure that our patients feel confident in the quality of their smile makeover treatments. 

Smile Test Drive; Enamel Dentistry Cape Town

Our five Smile Makeover Standards are:

  • Digitisation
  • 3D Facial Design
  • Digital Treatment Planning
  • Smile Test Drive
  • Guided Treatment

This blog will provide more information about our fourth Smile Makeover Standard, Smile Test Drive. We offer a Smile Test Drive so that patients can see, feel, and understand the impact of their new smile before treatments begin. 

How do we get to this phase?

Once we’ve gathered your digital records during the Digitisation phase, we send this information to the planning centre in Madrid. From there, their team of specialists creates a 3D design of your new smile. Our smile architects will then print a mock-up of your smile using resin material. We will then make an impression of the mock-up and place it in your mouth. We call this the Smile Test Drive phase. 

Smile Test Drive for Digital Smile Design smile makeover standards
On the left is an example of the resin mould we use to create a smile mock-up. The right image shows how we plan your new smile during the Digitisation phase.

With this fourth standard, you get the full picture before any dental work begins. We complete other minor treatments like alignment therapy, fillings, teeth whitening, or address a root canal before progress to the next phase. If your case requires only resin bonding, we will complete your smile mock-up on the same day. 

Here is how a Smile Test Drive gives you control in your smile makeover:

– You see the A-Z of your treatment; the before and after

– You understand every step to get to the result

– Your decision is NOT based on photos of OTHER patients’ smiles

– You don’t need to put blind trust in a procedure

Smile Test Drive

What happens in during your Smile Test Drive Appointment?

During this appointment, you will be able to:

  1. Try in a temporary mock-up of your smile makeover over your teeth.
  2. See a virtual simulation of your treatment plan on a digital 3D model of your mouth.
  3. Ask questions about your smile makeover.
  4. Discuss every treatment option. 

What are the benefits of having a Smile Test Drive?

Having the opportunity to see and experience your new smile can help avoid you being surprised by the results. We can also see how your new smile complements your facial aesthetics, assess your bite, and determine how your speech is affected by the new design. Unlike other cosmetic dentists, our approach to smile designs is fully digital with predictable and exact results. 

Book your Smile Test Drive Today

Our team has years of experience, and our facilities use state-of-the-art technology to provide the best possible treatment outcome. 

This fourth Smile Makeover Standard is something unique to Digital Smile Design clinics. Book your smile makeover appointment to kick-start your journey with us!