Teeth Whitening & Aesthetic Bonding: What’s the Difference?

Cosmetic Dentistry offers a variety of solutions that improve the appearance of your teeth. You have very likely come across two of these solutions, teeth whitening and aesthetic bonding, and wondered what they are and what makes one different from the other.

This blog article will help you answer both questions by briefly describing the two treatments and outlining some of their similarities and main differences.

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What is Teeth Whitening?

Teeth whitening is a treatment we use to remove stains from the surface and deeper layers of teeth, giving them a brighter, more attractive appearance.

Teeth whitening typically involves the application of tooth-bleaching gels on your teeth that oxidise stains found outside and within your teeth.

Dr Mark Bowes and Jolandi Keyser showing Teeth whitening products

At Enamel Clinic, we utilise only the best quality tooth whitening products and technology. So whether you choose to do a professional in-office tooth whitening session or a professional at-home tooth whitening kit, we will make sure that your smile will shine brighter and more radiant than ever.

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What is Aesthetic Bonding?

Aesthetic Composite Bonding, Composite Resin Bonding or Aesthetic Bonding is a process where we apply a composite resin to one or more teeth that have become discoloured or physically damaged. The composite resin we use is tooth-coloured, meaning that it aesthetically blends in with the rest of your teeth.

Question Prompt : What is aesthetic bonding?

We often use this treatment for patients who have chipped, fractured and discoloured teeth. Aesthetic bonding is also very effective for addressing teeth worn out due to constant grinding. This cosmetic solution is a fast, minimally invasive and inexpensive alternative to porcelain veneers.

Similarities & Differences


As mentioned earlier, teeth whitening and aesthetic bonding fall under cosmetic dentistry. Both treatments enhance the aesthetic appearance of your teeth, giving you a more attractive, natural smile.

Teeth whitening and aesthetic bonding also share the following in common:

  • Both treatments treat stained and discoloured teeth.
  • Both treatments help restore your self-esteem by enhancing your smile’s appearance.
  • Each of the treatments utilises advanced technology to address the patient’s concerns.


Though teeth whitening and aesthetic bonding both work to enhance the appearance of your teeth, the two have significant differences. Where teeth whitening mainly addresses stains and discolouration on teeth, aesthetic bonding does this and more.

Aesthetic bonding, unlike teeth whitening, can enhance the appearance of chipped and fractured teeth, including filling spaces between gapped teeth. With aesthetic bonding, we are also able to alter the shape and colour of your teeth.

How to Tell Which of The Two is Best for You

Heading : How to tell whether teeth whitening or aesthetic bonding is the ideal treatment.

Deciding which option is best for your case requires an expert assessment of the condition of your teeth. During your first consultation, we thoroughly examine your case to help you choose the most effective way to restore your smile.

For many cases, we apply a combination of aesthetic bonding and teeth whitening to produce aesthetically pleasing, natural-looking results.

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