Leading the Way: Inspiring Women in Dentistry

Although they were once kept out of the profession, women have become a hugely influential part of the dental community. This is especially evident in the area of paediatric dentistry, where many women have made their mark. 

In fact, it was a woman, Minnie Evangeline Jordon, who pioneered the concept of paediatric dentistry at the turn of the century. From research and innovative treatments to community outreach programs, women are at the cutting edge of dentistry.

Overcoming Common Challenges

Once, women like Emeline Roberts Jones had to learn dentistry in secret, because the doors of learning were closed to them. Modern dentistry is much more welcoming, but women still face a range of challenges every day.

Unfortunately, gender bias is still alive and well. Women are consistently underrepresented in leadership positions, both academically and professionally. Dentistry is also not immune to the gender pay gap, and statistically women dentists earn less than their male counterparts. 

Despite this, women continue to become accomplished dentists and thrive in practice. Their growing presence in the profession is a testament to their tenacity and resilience in the face of obstacles. 

Balancing Motherhood & Dentistry

As women still largely bear the dual burdens of housekeeping and childcare, achieving career growth and work-life balance can be extremely challenging. The assumption that women will prioritise their families over their careers can lead to reduced opportunities. 

For many women, however, a career in dentistry is not an either/or binary. Working women have always had to multitask and strategically manage their time. The ability to set their own hours and choose how to structure their day is an advantage for those with children. They can choose to focus on the aspects of dentistry that they find the most rewarding.

Embracing Aesthetic Facial Treatments

Many female dentists have identified the opportunity to expand their practice to include aesthetic procedures alongside traditional dentistry. These procedures are designed to enhance patients’ facial appearance, helping to boost their self-confidence. Their experience with delicate procedures and injections make this a natural additional offering for dentists. 

Mesoestetic Biostimulator Treatment at Enamel Clinic

An example of aesthetic facial treatment is neurotoxin injections such as Botox®, which reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Other aesthetic facial treatments available at the Enamel Clinic, include dermal fillers and Aptos threads, a popular alternative to surgical face lifts. Recently added to our offering is Mesoestetic Biostimulator treatment, an innovative cosmetic procedure that rejuvenates the skin and stimulates collagen production.

Women Lead the Way at Enamel 

The Enamel Clinic is truly women-led; our team is 85% women, including our all-female oral hygienist team and our capable coordinators, assistants, and admin. What’s more, our CEO, CFO and previous COO are also women. During Women’s Month and all year round, we celebrate their expertise and contribution to our ongoing success. 

Dr Sonja Britz and Dr Sheryl Smithies
Dr Sonja Britz (left) and Dr Sheryl Smithies

Endodontist Dr Sonja Britz is one of only a handful of women working in this specialisation in South Africa. Her passion for dentistry and the challenge that root canal treatments present shines through in her work. It motivates her ongoing education, keeping her ahead of the curve when it comes to modern dentistry.

Dr Sheryl Smithies is a restorative dentist trained in facial aesthetics. Her focus is on dental rehabilitation and smile architecture, which uses rehabilitation procedures to create a beautifully-designed smile. She brings this diverse skill set to bear to give her patients the best possible treatment options.

The entire Enamel team is committed to delivering high-quality dental care, whether it’s a routine check-up or a specialised procedure. Following the lead of these outstanding women in dentistry, we are driven to stay up to date with all the latest advancements in dentistry. From the humble beginnings of the earliest women dentists to those leading the field today, we salute all women in the industry. 

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Leading the way: Inspiring women in dentistry