More than a Surface Change – Smile Makeovers at Enamel Clinic

Imagine life with 100% confidence in your smile.

You wouldn’t have to constantly worry about your teeth or hide them from the world. Thanks to our Digital Smile Design approach to smile makeovers, this life can be your reality.

This innovative approach to dentistry focuses on your unique needs. Through DSD’s  5 Smile Makeover Standards, we create custom-designed smiles that enhance our patients’ natural features.

What are our Five Smile Makeover Standards?

Each smile makeover we do at our clinic is quality-checked using the following five standards:

  1. Digitisation
  2. 3D Facial Design
  3. Digital Treatment Planning
  4. Smile Test Drive
  5. Guided Treatment

These standards enable us to produce great smile makeovers that look good, are long-lasting, function well and make you feel confident. Additionally, they allow us to ensure that you receive world-class results safely, cost-effectively, and efficiently.

Why choose us for your smile transformation?

We are the only certified Digital Smile Design clinic in Southern Africa.

Only certified DSD clinics can offer you the life-changing results of 5 Smile Makeover Standard-backed treatments. When you choose us, you are guaranteed that the smile makeover you get is the highest quality and custom-made to match your unique features and personality.

We care.

When you visit our practice, you will be overwhelmed by our passionate interest in our patients’ wellbeing. Because we advocate emotional dentistry, we strive to make each treatment experience warm, attentive and safe for all our patients.

We are connected.

As a DSD certified clinic, we are connected to its extensive network of clinics around the world. We also have exclusive access to the DSD planning centre in Madrid. This means that your new smile will be the result of a collaboration between our team and some of the world’s best smile designers and planners.

We are experts.

Thanks to intense and thorough training, our entire team is well equipped to attend to every case type. In addition, our team of smile architects have the experience and technology to ensure your results are truly exceptional.

Let’s transform your smile today!

Experience what it truly means to be confident in your smile. Book your smile makeover appointment today.